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Donald Trump is Switching Up His Campaign Team—Again

For the second time in just two months, Donald Trump has overhauled his campaign leadership, announcing the promotion of veteran pollster and GOP strategist Kellyanne Conway as campaign manager, and the addition of Breitbart News executive and experienced investment banker Stephen Bannon as campaign CEO, according to the BBC.

“I look at it as an expansion of the team,” Conway told CNN, citing that campaign chairman Paul Manafort remains in his position.

Reports from The Wall Street Journal and CNN suggest that this change may be the result of Trump’s declining support, as he battles with seemingly endless controversies (like his feud with Khizr Khan and family) that have kept any scandals involving his opponent, Hillary Clinton, out of the news.

Voters are already seeing evidence of new campaign strategies, as Trump has mostly been “sticking to the script” to avoid any mistakes in speech,  as requested by his advisors, and advertising has begun on behalf of the campaign.

“I want to win,” Trump said in an interview reported by The Wall Street Journal. “That’s why I’m bringing on fantastic people who know how to win and love to win.”

It is expected that the GOP nominee will continue to make changes to his campaign as the unofficial presidential race kickoff launches in early September.

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