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Donald Trump Is The President-Elect Of The United States

After scoring 270 electoral votes, Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States. He will be the first U.S. president in history with no previous government or military experience.

It was a shocking upset for Trump, after polls had predicted for weeks that Hillary Clinton would win by a large margin. Trump won states that were widely assumed to be voting for Clinton, such as Wisconsin.

More than anything, Trump’s win depended on white voters. While The Los Angeles Times reports that the candidates were tied among college-educated white voters, Trump won white voters without a college degree by a large margin over Clinton. He won white voters overall by 20 points, according to The Washington Post.

John Podesta told Clinton supporters that the candidate will not be giving a speech until later Wednesday morning. Clinton did call Trump early Wednesday morning to concede the race.

Republicans kept the majority in the Senate on Tuesday, and more than one Supreme Court seat is expected to open during the next presidential term, meaning that Trump will likely control all three branches of government as president.

Katherine Mirani is the News Editor for Her Campus. She graduated from Northwestern University's journalism school in 2015. Before joining Her Campus full time, she worked on investigative stories for Medill Watchdog and the Scripps News Washington Bureau. When not obsessing over journalism, Katherine enjoys pasta, ridiculous action movies, #longreads, and her cockatiel, Oreo.