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Donald Trump Called Hillary Clinton a “Nasty Woman” During the Third Presidential Debate

The third and final presidential debate of this year’s election was filled with mudslinging, bickering and nasty comments. That last one was literal—Republican nominee Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman” during the debate. 

The comment came amid discussion of entitlement programs, such as social security. Moderator Chris Wallace, host of Fox News Sunday, pointed out that Medicare and Social Security are likely to run out of money in the next couple of decades, and that these programs are 60 percent of our national debt. He asked why neither candidate seemed to be taking this issue seriously, as millions of poeple will lose their benefits if the money runs out.

Wallace’s final question was: “Will President Trump make a deal to save middle Medicare and Social Security that included both tax increases and benefit cuts, in effect a great bargain on entitlement?”

When Clinton replied and described her plans for entitlements, she mentioned how her tax increases on the rich will help to pay for the programs. “My Social Security contribution will go up, as will Donald’s, assuming he can’t find a way to get out of it,” Clinton joked. 

Trump then leaned into his microphone and said, “Such a nasty woman.”

Twitter’s response to Trump’s comment was swift—viewers did not find the comment appropriate. 

Now we can sigh a breathe of relief that these debates are OVER. The important thing that remains is to vote come Nov. 8.

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