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Donald Trump Called Hillary Clinton “Guilty as Hell” During a Morning of Twitter Drama

The president-elect shows no sign of slowing down with his Twitter ranting. On Friday, Donald Trump decided to address a number of issues through his favorite social medium.

Trump ended Thursday evening with a tweet of congratulations to the GOP-controlled Senate, which passed a budget blueprint that effectively cleared the path to repealing Obamacare without the threat of a Democratic filibuster. He also congratulated his cabinet nominees on “looking good and doing a great job” as they perform for the Senate in order to be confirmed.

But then Trump’s unusually pleasant tweets took a turn for the worse. The New York mogul lashed out in response to some of the controversies surrounding his soon-to-be-official presidency. First he addressed the dossier, published in detail by The New York Times, which has unsubstantiated accounts of Trump’s ties to Russia. These include connections to Russian prostitutes, bribery through real estate deals and possible coordination of Russia hackers to help Trump win the presidency.

The dossier was compiled by British spy Christopher Steele, who the Times described as someone who has “an excellent reputation with American and British intelligence colleagues and had done work for the F.B.I. on the investigation of bribery at FIFA, soccer’s global governing body.”

Trump took to Twitter to shut down the allegations, which were provided to Trump, Obama and the F.B.I., about the information Steele says Russia possesses.

The president-elect continued from there with his Twitter rant. More than two months after the end of the election, he is still attacking Hillary Clinton. On Thursday, the Justice Department inspector general decided to investigate F.B.I. Director James B. Comey over his actions regarding possibly incriminating Clinton emails in the final days of the election.

The investigation will focus on figuring out why Comey sent a public letter to Congress announcing the F.B.I.’s reopening of the Clinton email investigation days before election day. The F.B.I. discovered more unchecked emails on the laptop of Clinton aide Human Abedin’s husband, Anthony Weiner.

A few days after Comey’s announcement, he then said the laptop had no incriminating evidence against Clinton.

That didn’t stop Trump from calling Clinton “guilty as hell,” in another ranty series of tweets.

Trump capped off his characteristic Twitter drama by turning full circle to celebrating the end of Obamacare—which some people didn’t know was the Affordable Care Act until now.

We guess the campaign-style rhetoric, full of insults and guilty verdicts without proof, won’t stop, even after the election is long over.

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