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‘Dietland’: Karma Finally Catches Up With Kitty & She Doesn’t Know How to Deal

We’ve known since the beginning that Kitty Montgomery really doesn’t care about anyone but herself. Maybe it’s because of all the “assholes she had to humor and cater to” in order to get ahead in the media industry that she learned to be so ruthless and unfeeling. But honestly, that’s not really an excuse for how she treats those around her.

Kitty treats Plum like she’s dispensable, worthless, and undeserving of any success as a writer. She talks to her assistant Eladio like he’s a servant, and treats Julia the same way. Although they all technically work for her, she treats them like serving her is their life’s sole purpose.

Throughout the season and up until this point, Kitty hasn’t cared about the feelings of anyone but herself. Kitty has treated everyone like the dirt under her shoes. But in this week’s episode,”Rad Fatties,” once she has lost everything, she realizes she has nobody to turn to. #Karma

Kitty has lost her job as editor-in-chief of Daisy Chain, fired Plum and Julia, and now has nothing and no one left. “It’s strange… I miss her. Both of them actually,” she says. “It’s not like I can confide in anyone who actually works here. I need the basement people.” Kitty starts to recognize that maybe she didn’t appreciate Julia and Plum when she had them, but she kind of ruins the moment by calling them “basement people.”

She even gives us a glimmer of hope when she tries to get back on Plum’s good side after firing her. But her intentions and the way she goes about it are… not ideal. Instead of talking to Plum directly, Kitty sues her instead. She forces Plum to give an interview promising that there’s no hard feelings between her and the magazine. This is less for the benefit of Plum and more to salvage her own reputation—one that has basically fallen into the gutter.

Kitty is someone who only cares about her own success, and will cut others without a second thought in order to achieve it. She acts as though she’s doing things in the service of others when she’s really doing them for herself, which sounds eerily familiar to someone else in this episode.

Plum becomes so preoccupied with her own 15 minutes of fame that she reveals the secrets of Calliope House to the world, putting every woman there in danger. When confronted about it, she doesn’t see what she’s done wrong—in her eyes she’s only helping them. We can only hope that Plum isn’t turning into a Kitty-in-the-making.

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