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In The “Death Doesn’t Scare Me” TikTok Trend, Creators Reveal Their Darkest Fears

When you think about your biggest fears, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For many people, it might be spiders, clowns (yeah, no thank you), heights, or, above all, death — but for TikTok creators, they’re just afraid of their bestie’s taste in boys. Hey, I can’t blame them. That can be scary.

Just in time for spooky girl summer, the “Death Doesn’t Scare Me” TikTok trend is here, and TikTok creators are revealing their deepest, darkest fears that keep them up at night — like the fear of their eyelashes falling out from their eyelash curler (which is just terrifying, if you ask me — clean your eyelash curlers, besties!) or the fear of having their first kiss. While putting your fears out online may seem like the scariest thing in itself, trust that you’re not alone — thousands of TikTok users have been participating in the viral trend, and the trend is just getting started.

Here’s where the “Death Doesn’t Scare Me” TikTok trend came from and how to try it out yourself.

Where does the trending sound originate?

The origins of this trend are, frankly, a bit murky, given that the song that the trend is under is tied to other trends and videos. The song attached to the “Death Doesn’t Scare Me” TikTok trend is Current Joys by Blondie, and if you’re an indie girlie like me, you’ll know that this song is an absolute bop. I mean, a sad bop, but nonetheless, a bop. And though the song was originally released in 2013, it still holds its popularity almost ten years later, and the “Death Doesn’t Scare Me” TikTok trend is just a testament to that.

In the “Death Doesn’t Scare Me” TikTok trend, creators reveal their deepest, darkest fears.

A few years ago, I remember when my younger sister was learning how to drive and it was one of the scariest things — not just because she was growing up (queue the sentimental music), but also because I was just scared of her being behind the steering wheel. Like, I knew she was fully capable of driving, but that was besides the point. Now, she really is one of the best drivers I know — but still, it was scary. So, user @camille_nagel, I get where you’re coming from.

Creators are sharing other (completely, entirely valid) fears in the trend, with user @he11oshawty revealing their fear of graduating high school (I promise that life after high school gets so much better!) and creator @aliideleonn admitting to her fear of using a tampon. Creator @pinkbonk_ revealed their fear of geese (they really are one of the scariest species on this planet, aside from turkeys, in my opinion), and user @ughkkw shared their fear of pregnancy.

Other popular fears that creators shared include Joey King, birds, toes, Matthew Morrison from Glee, and a potential recall on Goldfish crackers. Once again, all of which are completely valid, if you ask me.

Trying the “Death doesn’t Scare Me” TikTok trend isn’t scary at all.

Trying the “Death Doesn’t Scare Me” TikTok trend is easy, which is part of why the trend has soared in popularity over the past few days. To try out the trend, think about one of your darkest — or perhaps weirdest — fears, and get to filming. Whether you’re afraid of your incessant stomach problems (only hot girls have stomach problems, just saying) or fearful of moths, remember that no fear is irrational, and no fear is invalid. I’ll see you on my FYP!

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