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The Creator of ‘The Bachelor’ Keeps Teasing a Big Announcement & It’s Starting to Look a Little Sketchy

The world of Bachelor Nation is a fast-moving one. Even before one of the three hit shows has its finale, fans are already speculating about who will be on the next show’s new season. The ongoing debate of who the next Bachelor will be has been one of the crazier discussions in recent franchise history. Peter Kraus, the runner-up / dreamy Ken doll of Rachel Lindsay’s season, has said that he isn’t ready to be the Bachelor, and it’s rumored that show producers are trying to cover up Peter’s alleged rejection of their Bachelor offer. Another favorite from Rachel’s season, Dean Unglert, has slipped from glory thanks to his shenanigans on Bachelor in Paradise. Other potential names are being tossed around, such as Luke Pell and Wells Adams, but there doesn’t seem to be a clear frontrunner. 

Amidst fans’ theories on the show’s future, Bachelor creator and executive producer Mike Fleiss has spent the last week teasing a huge show-related announcement on Twitter. The first hint at the announcement came on Aug. 30, followed by another tweet the next day that understandably freaked out fans.

“Has a broadcast network ever cancelled its No. 1 show?” Fleiss asked his followers after saying that shocking news was on the way. Responses ranged from people calling him out for being a tease to fans wondering if a Bachelor cancellation was coming up.

Fleiss returned to Twitter the same day, saying he hoped to release his news that day.

Three days later, there’s still no sign of a Bachelor announcement occurring. Refinery29 points out that such shadiness is common for Bachelor producers. “They are the masters of misdirection, both during The Bachelor itself and on social media,” Rebecca Farley writes.

Fleiss doesn’t seem to only be taunting the fans. CNN reports that last Thursday, Good Morning America promoted a Bachelor reveal on its Twitter, but the tweet was soon removed. When asked about it, Fleiss danced around the question. 

Given Fleiss’s sketchiness on this matter, it seems that this casting reveal may turn out to be more elaborate this time around. Tbh, I think we’re all expecting the Peter gossip to be nothing and him turning out to be the Bachelor. I’m certainly ignoring Fleiss’s supposed tease of another season led by Nick Viall. No matter what we can decipher from Fleiss’s weird tweets, The Bachelor reveal is definitely coming up soon.

Kristen Perrone is a Siena College Class of 2018 alumna. She studied English during her time at Siena.