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Could Bernie Sanders Catch Up To Hillary Clinton?

Tuesday was a big day for presidential candidates—The Republican field narrowed with the announcement of Marco Rubio’s campaign suspension, while the gap between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton continued to widen.

NBC News did the math for Sanders following Tuesdays primary and states that he’s losing 859 to Clinton’s 1,577, with the goal to win 2,383 delegates in order to receive the Democratic nomination. 

Sanders didn’t win any states Tuesday night, which included primaries in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio—Clinton won four states outright, and Missouri has so far been too close to call. However, The New York Times reports that there are several states coming up that could lead to more delegate wins, including North Dakota, Oregon, Montana, Indiana, West Virginia and Kentucky. The issue is that still, Sanders would need the support of largely rich and diverse populations in states like California and New York, and he hasn’t been doing well with those demographics. He would also have to have big wins across the board, winning by many more percentage points than he has been.

Sanders’ team admits garnering this large number of delegates may be a challenge, but that in fairness that’s what the whole race is.

“It is what it has always been, which is an uphill fight,” Sanders’ campaign manager Jeff Weaver told Buzzfeed News.

The next primary will take place Tuesday, March 22, and includes Arizona, Utah and the Idaho Democratic Caucus.

India is a former campus correspondent at Southern Methodist University and a former national news blogger at HerCampus.com. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @IndiaPougher!
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