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12 Companies Hiring Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Though coronavirus has shut down many non-essential businesses, pharmacies, grocery stores and other food retailers are busier than ever. Demand for cleaning supplies, basic essentials and food has soared, leaving shelves empty and some without what they need. Essential retailers are mass hiring in order to keep up. 


CVS has pledged to hire 50,000 new employees in response to the pandemic. Full-time, part-time and temporary positions are available nationwide, including “store associates, home delivery drivers, distribution center employees and member/customer service professionals.” The company plans to hire most of its new employees from those who were furloughed or laid off by its hospitality clients, including Marriott and Hilton. CVS says it plans to use virtual job fairs, virtual interviews and virtual job tryouts during its hiring process.


The grocery delivery service is booming now that more people are staying home — but it’s in need of more employees. The on-demand grocery startup said Monday that it seeks to hire 300,000 “full-service shoppers” over the next three months. The new hires would more than double the company’s current workforce of full-service shoppers.


Walmart plans to hire 150,000 workers for full-time, part-time and temporary positions at its distribution and fulfillment centers across the United States. In light of mass layoffs, applicants can “get hired and begin working … in as little as 24 hours,” according to Walmart’s website. 


The delivery service giant saw an overwhelming spike in sales now that many are limited to online shopping. The company plans to hire 100,000 people nationwide for full-time and part-time roles in Amazon’s delivery network and at its fulfillment centers. Like many other companies, the business is focused on hiring those economically impacted by furloughs and layoffs. 

Dollar General 

Dollar General is seeking up to 50,000 new employees to join their team by the end of April. The company said it anticipates most of its new roles will be temporary, but it also expects some of the new employees will receive “long-term career growth opportunities.”


Pepsi said it wants to hire 6,000 new employees in the coming months. The company is also providing “enhanced benefits” to its U.S-based workers and increasing its compensation for its current American employees amid the pandemic.

Albertsons Companies

Retailers like Safeway, Randalls, United Supermarkets, Shaw’s, Star Market and several others — all owned by Albertsons — want to hire 30,000 new employees to keep up with increased demand, according to CNN

Papa John’s

As restaurants close or only offer take-out, pizza delivery gains even more popularity. Papa John’s is one of three major pizza chains looking to take advantage of all the restaurant closings across the country, announcing plans to hire 20,000 new “restaurant team members.” The company explained that it is making it easier to apply for work by offering both online and text message application options. Job applicants may have interviews and start working the same day.


Domino’s is looking to hire 10,000 employees to work as pizza makers, delivery personnel and customer service representatives. The company also plans to fill roles at its supply chain centers in addition to management and assistant management positions. Just in the Greater Chicago area, Domino’s is seeking 1,000 new employees. 

Pizza Hut

To keep up with demand, Pizza Hut is also seeking new hires. The company plans to hire 30,000 nationwide and says its new drivers can start working in as little as five hours upon hiring. 


The nation’s largest convenience store chain expects to hire up to 20,000 new store employees. Some of the new roles are for delivery workers to help the company meet increased demand in mobile orders received through its delivery app.

GE Healthcare 

GE Healthcare, the supplier of many medical ventilators, is seeking new hires to help build more. Ventilators have been in high demand and short stock during the pandemic, and the company hopes new hires can help with manufacturing. 

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