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Cole Sprouse & His Cigarette Are Giving Twitter The Ultimate Ick

On March 8, Cole Sprouse sat down with Alexandra Cooper on the Call Her Daddy podcast, and while there is much to debrief, Twitter can only focus on one thing ATM: the fact that Cody from Suite Life smokes cigarettes… indoors. I know all Disney child stars want to break away from the sweet innocent vibes at some point, but didn’t he already accomplish that by playing the *sometimes* bad boy, Jughead, on Riverdale? On Twitter, the cigarette is giving wannabe tortured artist and, for me, the major ick.

It only takes four minutes (and change) for Sprouse to light his first cig. “People are all cool about everyone smoking weed in a studio but if anyone says ‘can I have tobacco?’ everyone just gets like…” he says before focusing his attention on his cigarette. While Sprouse is right that we as a society have become relatively 420-friendly, smoking cigarettes is notoriously bad for you. Smoking weed has “far lower” risks of lung cancer than tobacco, which is the top cause of preventable death in the US. Cole, I’m worried about you! 

For those who don’t know, Call Her Daddy, hosted by Alexandra Cooper, is your one-stop-shop podcast for all things pop culture and celebrity relationships, and is the most listened-to podcast by hosted by a woman on Spotify. Cooper has had a range of, oftentimes controversial, guests on the pod from John Mayer, to Jane Fonda to Kelsea Ballerini to Hailey Beiber. Cooper has made a name for herself as someone who, in her own words, [cuts] through the bullshit and [asks] the questions [we] want the answers to,” and this interview with Sprouse was no exception.

Sprouse didn’t shy away from anything: from losing his virginity at 14, confessing almost all of his past girlfriends have cheated on him, and that he and co-star Lili Reinhart did “quite a bit of damage to each other.” (Seriously? We’re gonna talk down on women on International Women’s Day?)

While this was a juicy and gossip-packed interview, I couldn’t help but physically cringe when Sprouse lit a cigarette and started smoking inside for the entire episode. Clearly, according to Twitter, I’m not the only one with the ick. 

For the most part, Twitter thinks that Sprouse is trying to embody that cool, cig-smoking bad boy vibe. And it’s just not working out.

Apparently, what Sprouse was trying to give just wasn’t giving.

But, maybe, he has encouraged some folks to quit smoking.

Yet, it looks like his spell hasn’t worn off on all of us. Praying for y’all to get well soon.

Bryanna is a Her Campus National Writer, she composes articles for the wellness section weekly covering all things health, and sex & relationships. She also occasionally dips her toes into the culture section for more timely breaking news as needed. Bryanna is a current senior at Baldwin Wallace University where she is majoring in music theatre, but much like the famous line from Hamilton "why do you write like you're running out of time" Bryanna's life would be incomplete without working on articles for Her Campus and various other online publications. She is currently working on her debut poetry book "Love Letters I Never Delivered". When not writing or on stage you can find Bryanna making a perfectly curated Spotify playlist, teeing off at the local mini golf course, or curling up with a totally predictable romance novel. To Keep up with her: @bryannacuthill or https://bryannacuthill.com 💌 🪩🥂