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No, Coco Gauff’s Boyfriend Shouldn’t Be A Part Of Her Monumental Win

Coco Gauff received her first-ever Grand Slam title with her win at the 2023 US Open on Sept. 9 and she didn’t waste time letting her loved ones know of her latest accomplishment. Moments after her big win, the Gen Z athlete picked up the phone to make a few calls, one of which many immediately thought was to her boyfriend. Since her monumental win, fans have been flooding social media with questions about Gauff’s boyfriend, including who he could be, and what part he played in her story to take home her latest title. With this new win, you would think that people would be looking up more information on Gauff’s Grand Slam title or her tennis journey altogether. But the athlete’s accomplishments are being overshadowed by the internet’s obsession with her boyfriend — and I’ll be the first to say: Let’s stop the nonsense. 

Though Gauff recently shared that her boyfriend helped ease her nerves the night before the 2023 US Open, the tennis champion won this latest accomplishment all on her own. Instead of focusing on her love life, it would be nice if people, especially the media, talked more about Gauff’s historic win, or how she’s the youngest American player to win this title since Serena Williams in 1999. Rather than making Gauff’s boyfriend part of her success story, let’s let her have her moment to bask in this latest achievement. 

Let’s also put an end to the narrative that Gauff’s boyfriend was the first person she called immediately after winning the Grand Slam title. While appearing on The Today Show on Sept. 11, the athlete revealed that the first people she called were her two brothers and her grandmother. “Both my brothers didn’t answer. Then I called my grandmom, and somebody who wasn’t her answered. Then finally my brother called me back but by then, the ceremony had started.” The tennis champion went on to point out that she’s used to her brother not answering her calls. 

Later that night, Gauff revealed why her brother didn’t answer her call by sharing a video of her family screaming after watching her win the 2023 US Open. “No wonder my brother didn’t answer the phone. legend says he’s still screaming to this day,” she captioned the post.  

There’s no question that Coco Gauff is a legend in the making, and it’s time we put her at the center of her historic win. Don’t get me wrong, I love hearing about celebrity relationships just as much as the next person, but this is Gauff’s moment to shine — so let’s give it to her. 

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