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Reneé Rapp & Rachel Sennott Are *Major* Friendship Goals, On & Offline

ICYMI, two of Gen Z’s favs, actress Rachel Sennott and singer Reneé Rapp, appeared together on Instagram’s Close Friends Only podcast, on June 27. On the podcast, Sennott and Rapp talked about sliding into DMs, acting, singing, finstas, and more. 

In the beginning of the podcast, the two discussed how they slid into each other’s DMs and were instantaneously obsessed with each other. Sennott recalled how they met each other ASAP. Sennott described Rapp, saying, “You have such a confidence and comfort with people.” It was love at first DM, y’all.

The two legends also talked about the moment they knew they should be friends. When Sennott posed the question, Rapp said, “I just had such a crush on you, I was like, we have to be friends… I was like, ‘I am obsessed with her.’” It only makes sense for two powerful women to come together and have the most iconic friendship.

Sennott and Rapp also talked about their finstas which was so, so relatable (because what girl doesn’t have one?) Sennott talked about hers, saying, “I archived every post talking sh*t about someone and now I just post pictures of oatmeal, and I’m sort of like ‘This is what it is.’” Rachel, we need to be on your finsta to see these oatmeal pics. 

Rapp revealed that she has a public finsta, which is where all of her “angry moments really come out” on. Girl, same.

The celebs then touched on how they flirt on Insta. “I think I’m giving nothing. I’m giving a follow and one like,” Sennott said. The actress also shared that she prefers Instagram to a dating app for flirting because of how less vulnerable it is, saying that the “beauty of Instagram” is the ambiguity of liking or responding to a story, post, etc.

Rapp added to that, saying, “I’m going to respond based on your response.” Honestly, who doesn’t share this philosophy?

Later in the episode, the two bonded over reaching their mid-twenties and reflecting on past years, especially from the transition from 23 to 24.

Rapp even hinted at new music, sharing that her new album discusses how “23 to 24 has been a massive difference” for her. Sennott added to that, sharing that the things she thought she “learned at 23” came back around.

This duo may be the most iconic thing I’ve ever seen and I could honestly watch them talk for hours. Please, I need to be a part of this friendship.

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