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I’m All For Clare Following Her Heart, But She’s Lowkey Disrespecting the Other Guys

If you thought Pilot Pete’s season of The Bachelor was hard to watch, buckle up for what might actually be the most dramatic season *ever*. Last night’s episode felt like a dumpster fire, TBH. After last week’s borderline sexual harassment group date, I had high hopes for this week. Unfortunately, it was just as painful to watch.

While I love the fact that Clare unapologetically goes after what she wants, last night she took it a little too far. From the start Clare’s made it clear that she really feels a connection with Dale, but last night she made it so clear that it disrespected everyone else competing for her heart. Here are all of the times Clare disrespected anyone who wasn’t Dale last night:

1. Her chat with DeAnna 


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When former Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas showed up for some girl talk with Clare, all she told her about was Dale. DeAnna told Clare, “When you know, you know,” and said she knew instantly when she met her now-husband, to which Clare said she had that feeling when she met Dale.

That’s great and all, but you do have 30 other men who aren’t getting a fair shot right now.

2. The cocktail party


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After cancelling the day portion of the group date in favor of a longer cocktail party, Clare spent 45 minutes making out with Dale while the other guys patiently waited for five minutes each to talk to her. There was even a clip of Clare telling a producer to “Hurry the rest along.” 

This comment really rubbed me the wrong way, especially after Clare cancelled part of their group date already. It felt really rude, and disrespectful of the guys’ time – especially when Chasen (side note: who looks exactly like John B.) walked in on Dale and Clare making out for a second time that night.

Eazy said it best: Clare really is just casting everyone else aside for no reason. 

3. Her date with Zach


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Where do I even begin with poor Zach? En route to her one on one with him, Clare shared in the confessional, “In moments like this I wish Dale was here.” Moments like this? Last I checked you were going on a spa date with a really cute, fun guy – not a bad way to spend a day. Then she stood him up for dinner portion of the date, and had Chris Harrison send him home after a really confusing almost-kiss situation in the pool


4. The roast


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No offense, Clare, but you totally should’ve seen this one coming. OF COURSE everyone was roasting Dale, he’s the easiest target! I wouldn’t have been surprised if Clare had sent home everyone who roasted Dale on the spot.

It was really uncomfortable to then watch her spend the entire cocktail party asking everyone why they roasted Dale instead of, you know, actually getting to know them. She was so personally offended that anyone would roast Dale that she then didn’t give anyone a rose. It reminded me of something you would see in middle school, and felt super immature. Zac C. referred to her as “Gossip Girl” trying to figure out what’s going on, and it was hilarious. 10/10 accuracy.

Oh, and she also called Dale her fiancé to a producer, so there’s that. 

The train wreck of an episode ended with a preview of next week and the moment we’ve all been waiting for – Tayshia. I was really here for Clare this season, but I’m honestly ready for her to stop wasting everyone’s time and just run away into the sunset with Dale. It was fun while it lasted, but step aside, Clare. It’s Tayshia’s time to shine.


Carli is a 2022 grad of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and served as the style section editor for Her Campus. After being a national style writer for Her Campus, she launched Her Campus FIT. A born and raised Jersey Girl, she is a huge Bruce Springsteen fan. In her spare time she loves running, jamming to Taylor Swift, and tracking down the best burgers. Find her on Instagram @carliannescloset.
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