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christopher briney
christopher briney
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For Everyone Wondering If Christopher Briney Is Taken, I’ve Got News

Ever since The Summer I Turned Pretty hit our screens back in summer 2022, Christopher Briney has been a fan favorite. Portraying the moody, distant Conrad Fisher — one of the protagonists of Jenny Han’s coming-of-age novel — the actor charmed not only Belly, but also caught the public’s eye. If you’ve asked yourself while watching Belly fall for Conrad if Briney is dating anyone or is currently in a relationship, you definitely wouldn’t be the only one. However, if he is your onscreen crush, listen up: In real life, Briney is happily taken!

While he and his girlfriend keep it lowkey on social media, Briney has been dating Isabel Machado, a rising actor, ever since 2021. The couple even walked the red carpet together back in 2022, when the series premiered. Briney posted a super cute photo of the moment to his Instagram.

How long have Christopher Briney and Isabel Machado been dating?

The couple also would have presumably been ringing in two years together last month. On June 23, 2022, Briney uploaded an Instagram post captioned, “a whole year!? I could never want anything else,” nodding to a relationship anniversary with her. On the other hand, Machado honored their “feelingsaversary” on Instagram in May of last year, sharing that she’s “so glad we kiss now.” 

The actor met Machado while working toward his degree in acting at Pace University, a college they both attended, in 2020. Despite dating for two years, the couple has been friends for longer: Per their Instagram posts, they have been a part of each other’s lives since 2018.

isabel machado and christopher briney
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Are Briney and Machado still together?

Their latest relationship update was appearances on photo dumps uploaded to both their accounts as recently as February 28. Both Machado and Briney have been keeping busy: Also an actress, Machado has appeared in several independent films, including a project she worked on with Briney during their college years. And as for Briney, he was busy filming Mean Girls: The Musical (in which he’s playing the Aaron Samuels) back in March and April, with production on The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 3 reportedly starting up in Wilmington in June, according to the Midgard Times.

So while almost five months may seem like a while to go without any updates, I think we can safely assume these two lovebirds are still together — after all, they’re pretty private about their relationship in general anyway.

So while we all fell for Conrad’s charm, let’s keep it for Belly.

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