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Chris Harrison Says Luke Pell Could Still Be The Bachelor

Nick Viall was announced as our next Bachelor last week, leaving fans of Luke Pell heartbroken. Even Luke himself was caught off guard. He told Entertainment Tonight he had already packed his bags to head to L.A. before he found out he wasn’t returning to the franchise. Yes, we’re crying with him.  

Good news, though! Chris Harrison tells E! News, “We may see [Luke] next summer in Paradise, we may see him as the next Bachelor. Who knows? I mean look what happened with Nick! You never know who could come back.” Well Chris, we hope you’re right for many reasons. 

Luke has already expressed how fed up he is with the franchise. He said the whole process left him with a “bitter taste” in his mouth. You can’t blame him for being upset, but for our sake let’s pray he changes his mind.

We have no doubt he’ll meet the right person soon enough, with or without the whole world watching. Who wouldn’t want a rose from him?

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