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Chris Harrison to Critics of Arie’s ‘Bachelor’ Season: ‘Just Wait’

From the beginning, Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season was never going to be a fan-favorite. The announcement was met with complaints — some about his age, some about how it should’ve been Peter Kraus. Things haven’t really gotten better since this season’s premiere, either. 

Vulture‘s called Arie’s run as Bachelor “the most boring season ever,” and there’s even a petition to let America choose the next suitor instead of someone like “lame, boring Arie.” 

Granted, Bachelor Nation is very particular, and it’s hard to please everyone. But according to the show’s host Chris Harrison, even the haters are about to be surprised with the rest of the season.

“If you are a critic of Arie’s season, I would tell you to wait,” Harrison said in a press call on Thursday. “Just wait. And prepare to have your mind blown.”

Harrison of course wouldn’t go into detail as to not spoil the remainder of the season, but he did promise a good ending.

“It will be a phenomenal finish,” he said. “If there are critics out there, then trust that it’s going to be phenomenal.”

In other words, if you haven’t watched any of this season — start catching up now!

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