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Checkbook Balancing

Should I switch to balancing my checkbook online? Do people even write checks anymore?

It doesn't really matter whether you balance your checkbook online or in your check registry. The important thing is that you do balance it. Balancing your checkbook helps you to keep track of your money so you don't overdraw your account and it lets you catch any mistakes.  

Of course doing things online is more eco-conscious—the less paper you use the better for the environment.  

If you do want to balance your checkbook online there are a variety of programs available. Most banks that allow online bill pay have online registries for you to balance your account. In addition there is My CheckbookClear Checkbook, Smart Checkbook, and Checkbook Register Online. When choosing an online check registry you should choose one that is free and secure (most are).

Some things to remember when you balance your checkbook:

Some checks and transactions take a few days before they show up in your account, even online. You should keep your receipts just in case.

Be aware of "pending" transactions. These haven't gone through yet, but you can't ignore them.

The bottom line: It doesn't matter if you balance your checkbook online or in your paper registry, as long as you do it!

And, yes, people still write checks! Some people don't trust online banking or they simply feel more comfortable sending a paper check. It's just a matter of preference. 

Cara Newman is the former Editor of Young Money magazine, YoungMoney.com, YoungMoneyTalks.com, and FindaCollegeScholarship.com. She has published six books and dozens of articles. Her writing has been featured in The San Francisco Bay Guardian, Salon.com, the McClathy-Tribune, and more. Cara's background in journalism lets her easily communicate with any age group; she is a trusted source of information when it comes to financial matters concerning teenagers and young adults. In 1995, she graduated from Syracuse University with a B.S. in Mass Communications. Since 2000, she has worked as an editor and a writer, publishing dozens of stories and articles, as well as six other books. Her writing has been featured in The San Francisco Bay Guardian, Salon.com, the McClathy-Tribune, and more. Cara has been featured on over two dozen radio programs, "Good Morning Atlanta" and San Francisco's KGO 6 o'clock news. As the Editor of Young Money, Cara often speaks at financial empowerment conferences for young adults. Cara worked hand-in-hand with PBS on their program, "Your Life, Your Money," creating content to accompany their program. YOUNG MONEY® was launched in 1999 to change the way young adults earn, manage, invest and spend money. As a leading national money, business and lifestyle magazine written primarily by student journalists, YOUNG MONEY specifically focuses on personal finance, money management, entrepreneurship, careers, and investing. YoungMoney.com is the leading young adult personal finance website and an original member of JumpStart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy.
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