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It’s Time To Get Into Charli xcx’s “Apple” Choreo, Brats — TikTok Already Has

It’s a Brat girl summer. Charli xcx’s album Brat was released on June 7 and has instantly become iconic. Now, it’s being defined as the album of the summer. In the album, Charli xcx channels the ultimate cool girl energy that everyone wants to emulate. The album is filled with pop culture references that the internet is still losing its mind over, especially her unexpected collab with Lorde on her song “The girl, so confusing” remix, which seemed to put all of their past drama behind them. Can you say iconic?

Brat has been a summer sensation and is still ruling the internet. It’s impossible to go on social media without seeing references to the songs’ lyrics or memes. “I’m everywhere, I’m so Julia” has been living rent-free in my mind. Charli xcx has undoubtedly taken over Summer 2024 with Brat and I’m obsessed. After all, what girl hasn’t been seeing that iconic shade of neon green literally everywhere? 

With all of this in mind, it’s no surprise that there’s a new Brat-themed trend that has been taking the internet by storm. On TikTok, there’s a dance to “Apple,” a song from Brat that has instantly gone viral. In spite of the catchy, pop beat, the song explores the theme of struggling to break free from inherited traits and familial expectations that one was born with. “Apple” discusses the complexities of Charli xcx’s relationship with her family lineage and how there’s no way to escape being “rotten.”

In the song, she conveys a desire to break from the mold she’s been born into and sees no escape from. This need to escape is especially prevalent in repetition of the line, “I’m gonna drive, gonna drive all night.” The song ultimately serves as a testament to the importance of self-identity and working against the mold to be who you want to be.

Many are posting themselves dancing to the lyrics, “I think the apple’s rotten right to the core/ From all the things passed down/ From all the apples coming before/ I split the apple down symmetrical lines/ And what I find is kinda scary/ Makes me just wanna drive.”

The dance is so iconic, that all of your favs are posting videos to it, even Charli xcx herself.


Obsessed with @Charli XCX, @Troye Sivan & @terrencefoconnor doing the apple dance 🍏 DC: @Kelley Heyer #charlixcx #brat

♬ Apple – Charli xcx

ROTTEN RIGHT TO THE CORE 🍏 @KARA @Charli XCX #charlixcx #brat #apple #larsgummer

♬ Apple – Charli xcx

🍏🍏🍏🍏 @Charli XCX dc: @Kelley Heyer <3

♬ Apple – Charli xcx

#apple #charlixcx #dance love this song so bad dc @Kelley Heyer 🫶🏼

♬ Apple – Charli xcx

Dc me!!! Ty for all the love on my apple dance. I think we got the song trending which is pretty crazy 🤭🍏💚 Tutorial in my previous video if anyone needs it! #charlixcx #brat #apple

♬ Apple – Charli xcx

@Charli XCX you can dance on the wing of my plane any day #fyp #flightattendantlife #charlixcx #nonbinary dc: @Kelley Heyer 😙

♬ Apple – Charli xcx

The song is already catchy, and adding a fun dance makes it even better (especially because it’s choreography I think I can manage to learn). These TikToks of the “Apple” dance have been taking over my FYP and TBH, I’m not mad about it. 

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