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I Can’t Stop Scrolling Through These Celebs’ Finsta Accounts

Instagram has changed a lot over the years, but what annoys me most is how serious everything has gotten. There’s so much pressure now to make your profile the perfect first impression, and as a result, my posts have become a lot less about my everyday life. It’s hard to stay genuine when influencers are constantly upping the stakes, but thankfully, it does seem like I’m not alone in that feeling — especially when you take celebrities’ Finstas and secret Instagram accounts into consideration.

Private accounts have become one of my favorite ways to find authenticity in social media. I can be silly, artsy, or unfiltered without so much pressure. What I was surprised to learn is that that feeling is more universal than I thought. Celebrities obviously have some serious dedication to building their brand online, but they also want to let loose sometimes! These seven celebs took a minute out of the spotlight to create secret instagrams for their alter egos, and their posts made me realize that maybe they’re more relatable than I thought.

Lizzo: @sashabefluting

Did you know Lizzo has a secret identity? Lizzo’s main account @lizzobeeating is perfect for her flawless makeup and celeb collabs, but her alter ego @sashabefluting is keeping it real. On this account, the performer posts closeups of her flutes (which she calls “FLOOTS”) and some even have hilarious names like Gilda. Following the public outcry when she played a vintage crystal flute once belonging to slave-owner James Madison, “Sasha” was able to maintain a sense of humor, with a post caption “IM NOW LIZHOS PUBLICIST — FIRST TIME SHE TRENDING FOR SOMETHING GOOD 🎙️ TOOT TOOT 🎙.” This one has been active since 2019, and I sincerely hope she never stops.

Cole Sprouse: @cameraduels

This half of the Suite Life duo has always had a snarky social media presence, notorious for his Twitter roast battles with his twin Dylan Sprouse. On this secret account, the public becomes the target of his quick-witted teasing. In the bio, he describes the purpose of the account as “dedicated to the people out there who secretly take photos of me, and how I take photos of them first. May the fastest camera win.” The account is full of foiled creep shots from what he calls “pic pirates.” In the captions, he roasts them mercilessly for violating his privacy but still manages to keep things lighthearted with his melodramatic tone.

Bella Hadid: @rebekkaharaijuku

Bella Hadid is one of this generation’s most influential stars, making her livelihood off of her perfect snapshots. However, her alter ego “Rebekka” can afford to be a bit more casual. For some true “off-duty model” inspo, you can check out this secret account following Hadid throughout a 2018 trip to Japan, donning a blonde wig and bedazzled beret.

Gigi Hadid: @gisposable

The former Victoria’s Secret angel spends a lot of time in front of a camera, but her alter ego “Gi’sposables” is a master behind one. This account has a glamorous nostalgic feel that is reminiscent of the Y2K era, and you’re sure to find some exclusive celeb cameos like Kendall Jenner, Anna Wintour, and Tyler the Creator. This account gives an authentic look into the day-to-day of these popular celebs as they walk red carpets, attend fashion shows, or just hang out on the couch. If you’re on the hunt for inspo to make your feed truly Pinterest-worthy, you simply have to scroll!

Mac Miller: @cloudywithachanceofawesome69

Following the singer’s tragic death in 2018, fans on Instagram found a touching way to pay tribute. Although it only had a few dozen followers during his lifetime, Miller ran a private account under the pseudonym “Lars.” The content does leave a bit to be desired, mostly consisting of Miller in a hoodie hitting his vape. Still, fans have taken to the account in droves to leave supportive comments and process their grief, many tagging this underground account in tribute posts. While the whole idea is pretty quirky, it’s nice to see his true personality live on.

Lorde: @onionringsworldwide

Singer Lorde broke the internet when she admitted on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in 2017 that she had been running an undercover account to review onion rings, @onionringsworldwide. She gave up the gig pretty fast once fans discovered it was her behind the account, but she’s posted as recently as 2021. If anything, scroll through this account for the immaculate captions that read like they could have come from a real food critic.

Sophie Turner: @sophiessausagereviews

Sophie Turner’s main account is the epitome of class and glam, filled with adorable moments with her husband, Joe Jonas. After seeing her hilarious performance in the recent Netflix rom-com Do Revenge, however, I knew there had to be more to her than the magazine covers. Taking a cue from Lorde, Turner found her own niche in the food influencer game. On this account, Turner rates different sausages she tries on her travels, almost always captioning them #nofilter. Her bio states her purpose more eloquently than I ever could: “Passionate about the Saus,” it reads.

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