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Camila Cabello Was Hospitalized For Dehydration & I Just Hope She Gets Better ASAP

Camila Cabello is canceling her appearance at Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour in Seattle, after becoming so dehydrated that she fell ill.

She explained herself via a Twitter post on Monday night, apologizing for having to miss out on the performance and thanking her fans for being so understanding. But girl, if you were sick enough to go to the hospital, there’s nothing to be sorry for!  Fans will support you no matter what.

According to Camila, “They ran a lot of tests and everything is fine, but the diagnosis was basically dehydration and I also have a low grade fever—the doctors have told me I really have to get rest otherwise I won’t get better—so unfortunately I won’t be able to perform my set during the Reputation tour in Seattle tomorrow.”

Fans wished her a speedy recovery and asked that she get some rest. Judging from the diversity in languages under Camila’s tweet’s replies, it’s safe to say that she has fans all over the world who are rooting for her.



Camila’s appreciation for her #Camilizers and career shine through every aspect of her life as well. When speaking about how she met Taylor and getting to go on her tour, Camila told ET that the pair met four years ago at the MTV VMAs, and she told Taylor, “‘Man, I really look up to you. You really inspire me.’” Camila explained Taylor is also one of the people that made her want to start writing songs. Since then, the two have gotten closer, and Camila even considers the tour a slumber party. Could you imagine going to work and having it be a party with Taylor Swift?

Camila and Taylor seem to make a pretty great duo on tour so far and as soon as Camila recovers fully, there’s no doubt that the two babes are gonna kill each performance after that.

Get well soon, Cami!

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