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Blake Lively Deleted Her Instagram Account & I’m Honestly So Confused

Blake Lively recently did away with all content from her Instagram account, without even a heads up to her dedicated fans, thank you very much.

A place once filled with gorgeous photos of the actress and hilarious digs at her husband Ryan Reynolds, all that remains from the gallery of envy-inducing outfit posts and hilarious family photos is her Instagram bio which reads, “What happened to Emily?” 

After her most recent post, a completed hangman game that spelled out the same phrase as her bio, Lively deleted every post on her account and now only follows 32 accounts. Coincidentally, they’re all named Emily Nelson.

Amid all the confusion, many of the lucky Emily Nelson’s that are now followed by Lively’s account are both extremely confused and really excited.

While many are wondering if Lively was hacked, it’s pretty clear that the deletion of her account is likely a publicity stunt for her upcoming movie, A Simple Favor (she’d never really leave us hanging, right?).

The movie, also starring Anna Kendrick, is based on the book of the same title. In it, the main character, Emily Nelson (played by Lively) disappears and her best friend attempts to uncover the truth of what happened to her.

Fitting right?

As long as Lively can somehow recover all the beautiful pictures that have been deleted, this only makes us more excited to see her new movie.

Makena is the Decor Section Editor, and former Style Section Editor and Editorial Intern at Her Campus. She is a senior at Marist College majoring in Communication with a concentration in Journalism and a minor in Graphic Design. One day she hopes to put her writing skills to work at a magazine or women's publication.  Follow her on Instagram @makenagera and Twitter @makena_gera.
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