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Blake Lively Admits She Misses ‘Gossip Girl’

Nearly four years ago, Gossip Girl aired, and it sucked us right in. The series offered viewers a look into New York City’s fictional aristocracy, fuelling our insatiable appetite for scandalous Upper East Side drama and high fashion ensembles. Given the show’s cult-like following, it was inevitable that there would be whispers of a reunion

In an interview with E! News, The Shallows actress Blake Lively addressed the question Gossip Girl fans have been wondering—whether or not there would ever be a revival. “We had such a great time doing [Gossip Girl] that I think we all would really enjoy [a possible cast reunion],” said Lively. And when the E! interviewer told the actress he misses the show (SAME), Lively responded, “That’s nice to hear. I miss it sometimes, too.” So… can we make this happen already?! Undoubtedly, GG fans would love to see Lively reprise her role as the beautiful, outgoing Serena van der Woodsen. We have our fingers crossed that our favorite Upper East Siders will be making a comeback!

Amy is a senior at York University, studying Marketing at the Schulich School of Business. A marketing intern for a beauty startup, her interests lie in entrepreneurship, fashion, beauty, marketing and journalism. She has a penchant for pastel jackets, brunch and browsing Instagram. In her spare time, you can find her working on her own startup ideas, trying new eateries with her boyfriend or writing. You can follow her on Twitter @byamylai.