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I Attended Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’ Movie Premiere & I’ll Forever Be On Cloud Nine

When Taylor Swift announced a special Eras Tour film premiere in Los Angeles on Sept. 28, invitations to the event being sent to Spotify users dominated my timeline on X (formerly known as Twitter). Since I’m a ride or die Apple Music girlie, I genuinely thought I was going to  miss out on this opportunity. However, my friend received a direct message from Taylor Nation inviting her to the premiere, and she asked me to be her plus one. 

You’re probably wondering: How did my friend get invited to the premiere of Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour concert film? My friend has a relatively small Twitter following, as did many of the invitees. Though some might think that those who were invited have huge followings on social media, follower count and previous interactions with Swift or Taylor Nation online didn’t seem to come into play. Based on conversations I had at the premiere, the Swifties who were invited were ones who used their real names online and posted pictures of themselves to their accounts. A majority were also local to the Los Angeles area. 

Now, let’s get into the fun stuff! When I arrived at the Grove, I presented my ticket and ID at will call before getting my physical invitation. To say that they were adorable would be a massive understatement. 

On the red carpet, I met lots of my Twitter mutuals, some of whom I’d never seen in person before. As we stood behind the barricades on the red carpet, we saw Swift and Tree Paine (her publicist) walk by. Swift stopped to take pictures and talk with several of her fans individually. I could tell that she’s missed interacting with her fans face-to-face since the first leg of her Eras Tour as much as we have. While I didn’t get to have a conversation or take a selfie with her, it still felt surreal to even breathe the same air as her. 

Eventually, we headed into AMC to watch the movie. The theater gave us complimentary snacks and popcorn, complete with the sought-after Eras Tour-themed bucket that everyone’s been itching to get their hands on. Before the film began, Swift visited each theater to give a quick intro, thanking fans for making the Eras Tour so special for her. She even revealed that she handpicked each one of us to attend.  

While watching the movie, a few of us audibly gasped when we realized that our favorite songs from the tour had been cut. (I’m looking at you, “The Archer.” Justice for the most relatable song in Swift’s discography.) Although her performance of “Long Live” wasn’t shown, the song’s studio version played during the end credit scene, which also included tour bloopers and clips of fans hanging out at Sofi Stadium. I was surprised and happy to see that a couple of my friends were featured! 

Even if you’ve already seen the Eras Tour live, the movie is still worth a watch (or two, or three, or 13). Close-up shots allow you to notice details that you would’ve missed from the stadium audience, especially if you had nosebleed seats like I did. I loved seeing Swift’s facial expressions, the choreo, and the set design from a new perspective. Plus, I think I spied a few Reputation (Taylor’s Version) easter eggs in there — or maybe I’m just delulu. 

After watching the movie, we got the opportunity to record a video message for Swift, something I never thought I’d get the chance to do in my 10+ years as a Swiftie. I also learned that we were, in fact, in the same building as Beyoncé, Adam Sandler, and Hayley Kiyoko in addition to Swift. Yep, I’m still trying to process that. 

But the best part in my eyes was that Swift, her band, and her backup dancers got to watch the tour for the first time at the premiere. I’m so grateful that Swift chose to immortalize one of the greatest tours in history by letting us relive our memories from it on the big screen. 

I’ve always said that there’s no “right” way to experience the Eras Tour, and I’m going to say the same thing for the movie. Lots of fans opt to arrive early in hopes of securing the exclusive merch (based on your theater, this might mean the aforementioned popcorn bucket, drink cups, and/or tote bags). 

Trading friendship bracelets with other fans and movie theater staff always adds to the experience — plus, AMC theaters employees have exclusive bracelets to give fans. Whether you want to dress up in a Swift-inspired costume or come in comfy merch with a blanket, it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Karly Ramnani is a junior at the University of Southern California, in Los Angeles, studying music industry, with a strong passion for art and journalism. They discovered this amazing community shortly after starting college, and are super stoked to be interning at Her Campus this semester. Karly has previously written for All Country News, The Honey Pop, Medium, Newsbreak, and their own startup music blog Playlists & Polaroids! When they're not writing blogposts and music reviews, you can find them composing and performing music, putting their nose in a rom-com book, binge watching "The Summer I Turned Pretty," or crying over Taylor Swift.