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11 Meghan Trainor & Chris Olsen TikToks That Are Both Cute & Chaotic

Meghan Trainor and Chris Olsen’s relationship has taken the internet by storm, so naturally, I’ve gathered the best of their viral TikTok moments. Trainor and Olsen have had the public obsessed with their friendship for some time, from their TikTok pranks to Olsen’s cameo in Trainor’s “Made You Look” music video.  

Trainor brought Olsen as her date at the AMAs, and the two got candid on the red carpet about the BTS of the “Made You Look” video. Trainor described it as the “worst day ever” in an interview with Billboard, and Olsen admitted to getting COVID-19 on set. It was pretty chaotic. The two besties stuck it out and finished filming the video another day, bringing us the fabulous visuals at the end of the music video. It’s pretty safe to say they make a great team. 

The nature of the relationship has not always been clear, as some fans speculated that Trainor and Olsen were twins since they share a birthday and others wonder if Olsen runs Trainor’s social media account. There has been no confirmation if Trainor hired Olsen on her social media team, but Olsen did respond jokingly to a TikTok user who speculated about their relationship. Olsen dramatically said in the TikTok, “No, she’s my enemy. Little known fact: I wrote ‘Made You Look,’ and she stole it from me!” 

The duo has hit it off so well that Olsen even appeared on the Trainor sibling’s podcast, Workin’ On It, as a guest, where he talked about finding inner happiness and navigating leaving a long-term relationship. Olsen also played matchmaker for Trainor’s younger brother by encouraging fans to slide in his DMs after Olsen confirmed he was indeed single and ready to mingle.

Trainor and Olsen’s viral videos garner millions of views. The girlies can’t get enough of them. Let’s take a look at some of their most iconic videos together.

When Trainor And Olsen Became The Talk of Tik-Tok

POOL DAYS 🥹 @chris @Ryan Trainor

♬ Title – Meghan Trainor

Where the fuel to the sibling rumors began. Olsen, Trainor, and her brother, Ryan, posed for a reenactment of a throwback photo that was Photoshopped, causing fans to believe the three were siblings.

Showing Off Their Photoshopping Skills

THIS PHOTO ☠️ high school sweethearts honestly @meghantrainor #nantucket #highschool

♬ Title – Meghan Trainor

More trolling from Olsen and Trainor, LOL. Have to admit they’re pretty good.

Doing Each Other’s “Icks”

LOL HER LINE AT THE END ☠️ @meghantrainor #icks #meghantrainor #trend

♬ original sound – Chris Olsen

Of course, our favorite besties had to get on the “icks” trend.

Who Knew There Was A Techno Version of “Made You Look”?

Olsen and Trainor slayed this choreography to the techno remix of “Made You Look.”

Dancing With No Music Is Cringe-worthy But Funny

I didn’t fully understand @chris

♬ Made You Look – Meghan Trainor

One thing about Olsen and Trainor is that they will dance — even if they cringe at themselves.

Twerk Your Booty To The Polls

Olsen and Trainor encouraged people to go out and vote with a little twerking. We love a fun video with a message!

Charlie’s *New* Angels?

@Drew Barrymore trying to “hide” in the whole video kills me🤣💖🥹 @chris #madeyoulook

♬ Made You Look – Meghan Trainor

It doesn’t get any better than the trio of Olsen, Trainor, and Drew Barrymore. Trainor was a guest on Barrymore’s talk show back in November, and Olsen and Trainor got Barrymore to get in on the TikTok fun. 

Trainor and Olsen Get Real Personal

THE LAST ONE IS TOO TRUE JUST CHECK HER PAGE FOR EVIDENCE @meghantrainor @darylsabara #meghantrainor #spykids

♬ original sound – Kyle & Jackie O

Olsen and Trainor made a TikTok, making fun of the questions Trainor asked Olsen on her podcast.

Olsen’s “Coffee” Series Is Kinda The Best Thing Ever

I BRING HER COFFEE AND THATS HOW SHE REACTS??? @Meghan Trainor we’re fighting #coffee

♬ Me Too – Meghan Trainor

Olsen travels far and wide to deliver Trainor a coffee, which is part of his series where he hand-delivers celebs coffees like Ashley Tisdale and JoJo Siwa.

An ACAPELLA Christmas Slay

WAIT TILL THE END 🫣👀 dc: @brookieandjessie #madeyoulook #takinitback @chris @sri @Scott Hoying @Elyse Myers

♬ Made You Look – Meghan Trainor

Olsen and Trainor gave a sneak peek into the BTS of their acapella video “Made You Look.”

Trainor’s Son Riley Is The Cutest

IM DYING 🥹 @meghantrainor @darylsabara #baby

♬ the winner takes it all – november ultra

Saving the best for last: Trainor’s son, Riley, saying “Hi Chris” in an adorable video.

Whether or not Trainor and Olsen’s relationship started from a business agreement, there’s no denying they have chemistry. It will be fun to continue to watch their wholesome friendship blossom.

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