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The Best Celebrity Gossip Websites

Whether you’re willing to admit it or not, celebrities fascinate us. Just like your elementary school teacher, it’s crazy to think that these people actually have lives, eat breakfast and watch TV. Lucky for us, the Internet has adapted to fulfill our guiltiest pleasures! But no need to worry if your favorite celeb doesn’t update his or her Twitter regularly or tends to leave the “juicy” stuff out of interviews — there are plenty of stalkers to keep you updated! Here are some of the top celebrity gossip sites and why we love (or hate) them:


With the option of being translated into more than 50 different languages, it’s clear that this site has become a phenomenon. Hilton started out with the blog PageSixSixSix.com and within its first six months the site was named “Hollywood’s Most-Hated Web Site.” Hilton’s current Web site is the 143rd most trafficked Web site in the U.S.

Pros: It tends to have some very credible and unknown information before many of the other sites. Hilton’s humor and vibrant personality make reading his blog feel like talking with a girlfriend.

Cons: He can be mean at unnecessary times. Sometimes his “speculations” and overly zealous adjectives can be a tad offensive. For example, calling Justin Timberlake, “Timberpussy,” and calling Jennifer Aniston, “Maniston,” could be considered quite offensive.


This controversial site has been the first to uncover some of the juiciest snippets in the gossip blogosphere. For example, in February 2009, the site posted police photos of Rihanna after her fight with Chris Brown. These photos were considered evidence in the case, but TMZ claims it legally obtained the photos. The site was also the first to report that Mel Gibson has been arrested for a DUI in July 2006.

Pros: It has a more organized system than Perezhilton.com. The site separates gossip into: celebrity justice, celebrity feuds, politics, music, movies, TV and TMZ Sports.

Cons: Appears to have less daily posts than Perezhilton.com. The site’s design is more news-oriented and has less flair than Hilton’s site. TMZ’s credibility has also been questioned in that they have been known to pay sources for information.


This site began in 2005 and covers a variety of celebrity gossip — from Sharon Stone in curlers to Gwyneth Paltrow’s kids. The site also has a sister named Justjaredjr.buzznet.com. This sister site focuses on those celebrities aimed toward teens (e.g., Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart and the Jonas Brothers).

Pros: Offers a photo gallery with almost every post allowing you to see the shots the site didn’t choose to represent the story.

Cons: Though this isn’t always bad, the site often presents the stories in a more formalized, professional manner.


“They cover a ton of celeb stuff, often with a feminist slant — it’s a way to keep up with everything pop culture and Hollywood-related without having to look at Perez’s awful “slut” commentary on every single photo of Miley,” says Her Campus contributing writer Vanessa Friedman.

Pros: Started a short two years ago; this site is dedicated to “celebrity, sex, and fashion for women, without airbrushing.” It helps to keep us up-to-date without degrading women in the process!


Vanessa Friedman, Her Campus contributing writer







Rachel Dozier is a senior at James Madison University in the School of Media Arts & Design. She currently serves as the Managing Editor for her on-campus newspaper, The Breeze, and last year she started JMU's only student-run magazine, Port&Main, which won first place in the Best Student Magazine category from the Region 2 Society of Professional Journalists. She is interested in design, fashion, film and theatre. In the future she hopes to either be working as an entertainment writer or as a designer with a major fashion magazine.