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8 CapCut Fonts To Try Out In Your TikTok Videos That Aren’t Boring

When you’re trying to go viral on TikTok, investing in the production quality of your videos is a no-brainer. But camera equipment, editing tools, and a reliable ring light can only take you so far. To make your videos memorable, you need attention to detail. Now there are so many personal touches you can add to make your TikToks FYP-worthy, and one of my personal favorites is font choices! If you choose to include text in your videos, CapCut has so many fun fonts that I must tell you about. So say Sayonara to Comic Sans or Times New Roman. After all, this isn’t a research paper.

But speaking of research, there is an entire field of psychological study dedicated to font choices. The Kolenda Font Model is a professional marketing tool that predicts how people react to certain fonts. For instance, people associate tall and thin fonts with polished, fashionable brands and chunky, bold letters with strength and grit. Even the spacing between letters can make a huge difference, with closer together letters giving the impression you are cozy and connected. Readability plays a huge role as well. Have you ever seen someone who got a little too playful with their font choice to the point that you couldn’t understand what they were even saying? 

All of this can be a little confusing, so that’s why I’ve done the research and selected several of the best CapCut fonts for TikTok videos that I love, breaking down what they’re best used for, and what your viewers will associate them with.

The Best Capcut Fonts For Fire Fit Checks

First, let’s find some choices to give your videos a high-fashion edge. These are perfect if you’re trying to achieve that old-money aesthetic and give the impression that you are professional AF. The focus should be on your awesome outfits, so they prioritize readability while still giving a luxurious first impression.

vogue capcut font
Design by Alexa Wilson

This font is lifted straight from the magazine covers. What better way to associate your brand with that high-fashion vibe?

Nicolas Cochin LT Pro
nicolas cochlin lt pro
Design by Alexa Wilson

This one is a personal fave because it reminds me of Y2K movie logos, but has enough weight to stand out.

Brown Volky
brown volky capcut font
Design by Alexa Wilson

This one has a little extra flair that I love. Perfect if your fit checks are more on the fun and funky side, while still being super easy to read on small screens!

Make Your Storytime Stand Out

We all have that story that needs to be told, but wordy videos can be at a serious disadvantage without the right font choice. These fonts strike the right balance by being easy on the eyes yet still allowing some personality to shine through.

IT Clearface Pro
it clearface pro capcut font
Design by Alexa Wilson

This font is super clear, so it won’t distract from your message but still gives the impression that you are relatable and fun.

shirkhand capcut font
Design by Alexa Wilson

This one is a bit more on the creative side, and I love using it to add a subtle girly touch!

helium capcut font
Design by Alexa Wilson

I love this font because it gives the impression of handwriting without looking too childish. It’s a great way to appear down-to-earth and engaging.

When You Want to Be Edgy

If you’re trying to appeal to the alt-TikTok crowd, you may want something with a bit more spice. I would use them sparingly so your videos don’t become too gimmicky, but I think these fonts add just the right amount of flair.

LLD Technological Glitch
lld technological glitch capcut font
Design by Alexa Wilson

This one is just so fun and funky. Personally, I love to use it for titles or intros. It would be great to show off your festival or concert videos.

Got Heroin
got heroin capcut font
Design by Alexa Wilson

Rest assured, I also think this one’s name is wild, but I’ve seen too many people use it to leave it out! It gives off a Y2K punk magazine cutout feel in seconds.

All of this being said, the best font is the one you choose. Take the extra few minutes on Caput to find the font that speaks to you and exemplifies your brand. They can help make your videos more cohesive, recognizable, and, most importantly, personal.

Alexa Wilson is a culture and entertainment writer in the Her Campus National Writers Program. She writes articles based on current events in pop culture through the lens of Gen Z. This includes celebrity news, TV, film, and literature. Beyond Her Campus, she works as managing editor for Loyola Marymount University’s The Lion, an online publication covering Los Angeles. She oversees the scheduling and communication of an 18-person student team and fact check and formatting articles. She is also the treasurer of the LMU Women in Politics Organization, a student advocacy group promoting young women's involvement in politics. She also oversees planning and budgeting for fundraisers and events. In her free time, Alexa enjoys doing pottery and going to the beach. Her favorite guilty pleasure is watching Below Deck with her friends.