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Want To Spice Up Your TikTok Videos? Try These 5 Capcut Templates

I’ve always enjoyed video editing. In fact, it’s one of the reasons why I decided to pursue film as my degree, as my younger self liked the idea of editing a mini-movie for myself. As editing apps and trends have continued to evolve, there are different apps video editors have taken advantage of to create mini films about themselves, namely Capcut. 

If you’re curious about what Capcut is, there’s a high possibility you’ve seen it on social media apps like TikTok or Instagram throughout the last few years. Capcut offers users the opportunity to have easy-to-use editing functions and allows for smoother video transitions in editing. Capcut also offers free editing fonts and various effects to enhance the editing experience, making it easier to create the content that you want to create. If you’re just getting started learning about Capcut and how to use it, here are five of the best Capcut templates to help your videos look more authentic and colorful, enhancing your audience’s engagement.

My Quiet Life

This was one of the first templates I found that immediately stuck out to me. I’m a fan of using film like 35mm or 70mm when I’m directing and filming my projects, and this one, created by Capcut user nono, is a good Capcut template to start with if you’re discovering an interest in giving your videos a vintage effect. If you also enjoy watching Wes Anderson or Sofia Coppola films and have an interest in creating content that is inspired by cinematography created with physical film, this template is a great start.

The 90’s Are All That

I adore the VHS effect aesthetic in films and shows. One of my favorite shows, Yellowjackets, heavily uses VHS tapes in their intro and throughout their show to help bring a full picture of what life in the ‘90s looked like. As someone who often reflects on the ‘90s and the VHS craze of this specific era, there’s no doubt in my mind that there are content creators out there who are interested in replicating this style. VHS is slowly beginning to seep its way back in the mainstream and this template, also created by nono, allows for content creators to immerse themselves into the world of the ‘90s.

In A Haze

The best way that I can describe this Capcut template by Rhisenshine_ivy is if you put yourself inside a Polaroid from the ‘80s, what do you think you would see? Polaroids have this hazy, almost dream-like quality to them that makes us feel like we’re floating on a cloud. There’s something unfamiliar and whimsical about this template. If you enjoy that nostalgic, fuzzy feeling and want to incorporate that into your edits, this filter allows you to indulge in escapism and romanticize an ordinary day in your life. 

City Life

Do you ever get that feeling when you’re walking around a new city at night, and for a brief moment, time almost stands still and it feels otherworldly? This template, to me, represents that feeling of warmth in a city that doesn’t know your name, yet you feel as if you’ve lived there your whole life. This template, created by Miky, does a great job of being able to take footage from a trip and can be edited in a way to make that feeling last every time you watch your edit.

Blurry Retro

People forget at times that the Y2K style was not always high-quality the way we are reminiscing on it now. In fact, most footage from the 2000s had this block recording quality to it, and it was often incredibly blurry to a degree where most individuals viewing the content could barely make out what was in front of them. This template lets you record footage as if you’re using a camera from the 2000s, allowing you as the creator to transport yourself into an era that has become a large fixture in our society nowadays.

Templates are meant to help you as a creator show your content to the fullest potential, but in a way, you can also use these templates to time travel. You’re allowed to film and edit your content and make it look like you’re from a time period you dream of. I hope that in a small shape or form, you can use these templates and bridge the worlds of the past and present together.

Leia Mendoza

TX State '24

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