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10 Spicy Beach Reads To Pack For Spring Break

Sometimes the perfect “pick-me-up” after a long half-semester at college is a little beachy smut to match the spring break vibes. A busy college schedule doesn’t often prioritize reading time, so your 2022 spring break books have probably piled up. Whether you’re craving some enemies to lovers action or the good old-fashioned one bed trope, your steamy favorites could all use that “sex on the beach” sparkle. 

If you’re soaking up some vitamin D on the sand or skiing down the slopes, bring some sexy, exciting literary energy into your week off. Manifest 80 degree weather, getting that sun-kissed glow, zero academic responsibilities, hot strangers, and self-care with the best spicy beach reads for spring break

People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry

This book is the perfect example of friends to lovers, aka the trope of Gen Z’s dreams. People We Meet on Vacation follows the history behind two best friends, Poppy and Alex. Through a somewhat awkward road trip, they develop a friendship — one that continues to evolve over annual summer vacations. After over a decade of the silent treatment between the two best friends, Poppy invites Alex on one more tropical adventure, looking to heal her friendship with Alex as well as her love for travel. Opposites attract, and there might prove to be more than just a platonic connection between Poppy and Alex. 

Amazon, $10

Shipped by Angie Hockman

Shipped is another great example of enemies to lovers in the way that it has the reader falling in love with both characters, not one more than the other. Henley barely has time for dating, family, or friends, let alone a trip with her competition. Henley and Graeme are tasked with developing a new proposal for their cruise line while traveling to the Galápagos Islands together. Through tension, anger, and witty comedic timing, Hockman creates a pairing that readers are sure to love. 

Amazon, $12

It Happened One Summer by Tessa Bailey
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If you’re looking for hardcore smut with a heartwarming storyline, Tessa Bailey is the author for you. Inspired by Schitt’s Creek, It Happened One Summer brings audiences the steamiest of sex scenes accompanied by feel-good humor. A Hollywood “It Girl” content in her life of luxury in LA, Piper is sent to a small town in the Pacific Northwest after her financial support from her father is cut off. Eager to prove herself capable, Piper meets Brendan, a fisherman who only sees Piper as a rich girl from LA. Expect all the hot, steamy, sexy summer vibes from this novel.

Amazon, $13

Beach Read by Emily Henry

We should all be Emily Henry stans. Beach Read tells the story of two writers, one romance and one fiction. When both authors are experiencing hardcore writer’s block, they engage in a challenge to get the wheels turning (in more ways than one, bestie). This book combines sexual tension and small-town beachy vibes to create the ultimate rom-com and the big sister to People We Meet on Vacation.

Amazon, $8

The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

Through the rise of #BookTok, smut and comedy have proven time and time again to be two of Gen Z’s favorite things. This book has both of these and more. After an entire wedding party gets food poisoning except the sister of the bride and best man, these two not-so-love birds find themselves on a trip to a free honeymoon. They both are forced to step into the role of newlyweds, even though they high-key can’t stand each other. Olive and Ethan’s 10 days in Maui give the audience all the charming tropical vibes, which goes hand-in-hand with exciting romantic tension. 

Amazon, $9

The Layover by Lacie Waldon

Imagine getting stuck on a layover with your nemesis. No thank you, right? Well, after 10 years as a flight attendant, Ava finds the plane facing mechanical problems on her last big trip. What was supposed to be a quick layover in Belize turns into a weekend retreat accompanied by the ridiculously gorgeous Jack, aka Ava’s nemesis. With the encouragement of the Caribbean sun and the luxury resort, Ava finds herself developing feelings for the last person she ever imagined. 

Amazon, $12

The Roughest Draft by Emily Wibberley and austin Siegemund-Broka

This rom-com follows two successful co-writers experiencing the rewards of writing some of the best books on the market. But out of nowhere and remaining quiet about the whole situation, Katrina and Nathan negatively end their partnership. Realizing they have one book left in their contract, they reunite in Florida, where they wrote their last book, and quickly try to get this book out of their way so they can resume their separate lives. Affected by the Florida passion and heat, Katrina and Nathan grow closer again. 

Amazon, $13

Good Girl Complex by Elle Kennedy

Good Girl Complex features a main character that Gen Z will easily connect with. Mac lives her life focusing on people pleasing and ignoring her own needs and wants. Used to following the rules of her parents, Mac moves to a beachside town where she meets the town’s bad boy, Cooper. Through starting a friendship with Cooper, Mac ignores her parents’ boundaries and starts to push the limits she’s set for herself. This friendship quickly turns into an adventurous, sexy romance, with Cooper developing hardcore feelings for Mac. The aesthetic of this beachside town combined with the intense romantic changes between Mac and Cooper make for a story of realism and exploration, externally as well as internally. 

Amazon, $14

Just Haven’t Met You Yet by Sophie Cousens

Cousen’s Just Haven’t Met You Yet follows a young lifestyle reporter on her journey to the same island where her parents first met and fell in love. After a clumsy exchange between herself and a mysterious man at the airport, Laura grabs his suitcase instead of her own, leading her to become intrigued by the owner of the suitcase without even meeting him. 

Amazon, $13

Meet Me In Paradise by Libby Hubscher

Needing to escape her professional life, Marin says yes to a spa weekend on a tropical island with her wild younger sister. She meets Lucas, a handsome, adorable stranger on a chaotic flight who she then explores the island with. Through the beauty of the island, Marin is forced to step outside her comfort zone on her own as well as with Lucas. This novel is not only about romance and physical attraction, but it’s also a story of self-discovery and embracing the experiences that made Marin who she is as a woman. 

Amazon, $12

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