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Bella Hadid’s Sandwich Tutorial Is Unhinged, But Delicious

Bella Hadid is simply taking the world by storm. Whether it’s her street style, her effortless aesthetic, or…her viral TikTok sandwich? 

On Sept. 15, Hadid posted a TikTok video hanging out with her bestie, Yasmine, and eating the aforementioned sandwich with a French song by Carla Bruni playing as the sound. Honestly? A vibe.

And while Hadid is obviously an icon  TikTok seemed to be more interested in the sandwich than the pair themselves. Because of this, on Oct. 8, Hadid gave the people what they wanted — a full tutorial on how she makes her sandwich. If you don’t like garlic, beware…this sammy is not for you.

Hadid’s tutorial is, honestly, unhinged. With clips coming in at random times and elevator music going off halfway through the video, it’s clear Hadid has never made a recipe tutorial before. She seems confused and claims she’s working on her editing skills, but honestly, this chaos made everything so much more entertaining. Ms. Hadid is so real for that.


Ok so 3 things thank you for your patience with my interlude , bat phone rang mid sentence . 2nd- I edited the video too fast so that’s why a double sneak peak happened . Apologies again. 3rd – you can use raw garlic I was exaggerating, just don’t put as much as I did love ya

♬ original sound – Bella Hadid

Hadid starts off by showing how to make the balsamic vinaigrette. Get a pen ready, besties! You will need olive oil, balsamic glaze, salt, oregano, chili flakes, pepper, and dried basil *obviously*. 

Then it’s time to make the basil aioli (I’m starving typing this). Grab your mayonnaise, yellow and dijon mustard, and fresh basil. As Hadid is shown dumping raw garlic into the sauce she warns viewers, “Don’t put in garlic. I don’t know why I did this, it’s supposed to be a basil aioli.” But hey, a little extra garlic never hurt anyone. 

Put your sauces in the fridge to chill, now it’s veggie time. Chop up some red onion and lettuce and put it in a bowl like a bare salad (yum) and sprinkle some lemon juice on top, then to the fridge it goes. 

It’s about the time in Hadid’s tutorial for chaos, random elevator music starts playing, so fans just need to follow along with what’s on the screen because there are no verbal instructions here, it’s every person for themselves.

Bella shows some banana peppers and slices them up. Then her bread appears and she begins gently smashing the banana peppers onto them. Then, flip back to the bare salad we made, and she’s talking again! Hadid adds red wine vinegar and the balsamic dressing made at the beginning to the lettuce base. Then, she puts the lettuce on the sandwich (we’re getting somewhere, people), spreads the basil aioli on the side of the sandwich without the lettuce, adds on the turkey, salami, cheese, and tomatoes, and voilà! The Bella Hadid sandwich is complete!

Bella ends the tutorial by showing her delicious sandwich for about 20 seconds and telling you not to mind her nails (she’s just like me). Her final words are her reminding everyone to not use (so much) raw garlic. Listen to the chef people!

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