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What We Know About Bela’s Fate On ’SLOCG’ After Season 2

After 10 episodes, it’s time: The Season 2 finale of The Sex Lives of College Girls has finally come around, and I’m unwell. After some spicy hookups, a few failed relationships, and enough frat parties to last them the rest of their college experience, our favorite group of best friends has officially finished their first year. Leighton, Whitney, Kimberly, and Bela always know how to keep us entertained and on the edge of our seats with their sex lives, but one character in particular has left us with some major questions about the trajectory of their significance in the show after the end of Episode 10. I’m sure you know what (and more importantly who) I’m talking about, but yes: I’m wondering if Bela is going to be in Season 3 of The Sex Lives of College Girls. Spoiler warning: Spoilers for The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 follow.

Season 2 has proven to be a tumultuous time for the foursome with so many different elements of their storylines shifting. From Leighton’s unapologetic embracement of her sexuality, Kimberly deciding to sell her eggs, and Whitney’s on-again, off-again relationship(s), it’s safe to say that our girls have been busy this season. Everyone’s favorite feminist comedic genius, Bela (played by Amrit Kaur), though, has been through a lot, and it’s left us questioning if she’ll even be involved in the next season of the show.

Bela, like some of the other girls, found herself getting into a committed, monogamous relationship with her hookup buddy, Eric. Their relationship was going well, but things swiftly took a turn for the worst when Bela ended up cheating on Eric (in a crazy way). 

When a notable late night comedian came to Essex’s campus, Bela ended up being his student liaison while he was visiting. Bela admired his career as a comedian so much, and she ended up having an idea for how she could potentially land an internship with his team. Yes, you guessed it: That meant hooking up with him. Eric eventually got word of Bela’s infidelity and quickly broke things off with her. 

Things got even worse for Bela when her magazine, The Proxy, was set to be featured in an article from another one of the top publications at Essex. While the article was set to highlight the magazine and its masthead, Bela realized that the writer was really spotlighting her in the piece. Her team was quite upset with the article, and it was clear that Bela was riding high on a mini-power trip when she criticized and demeaned another writer’s work shortly after. 

By the end of Episode 10, Bela’s colleagues let her know that her behavior wasn’t sitting well with them, and they end up firing her from The Proxy. With her passion project being stripped out of her hands and her boo leaving her in the dust after the cheating incident, Bela is pretty broken by the end of Season 2. In one of the final scenes of the season, we catch a glimpse of Bela explaining her situation to a guidance counselor, declaring that she wanted to transfer from Essex (cue the tears).

Ending the season with that big of a cliffhanger has left fans confused and uncertain about Bela’s involvement in The Sex Lives of College Girls moving forward. On Dec. 14, HBO Max announced a third season is coming, but with the state of so many of the relationships between Leighton, Whitney, Kimberly, and Bela up in the air, it’s left me wondering how involved each of them would be in a third season.

The show has also evidently been setting up the incorporation of varying new characters into the recurring plot. After Bela’s best friend from home, Priya, visits during Essex’s pre-frosh weekend, viewers are left with the vibe that she’ll be back in the plotline when she heads off to school. This set-up has me thinking that maybe The Sex Lives of College Girls is going to shift the spotlight that Leighton, Whitney, Kimberly, and Bela previously held to other new additions. 

So far, Kaur hasn’t dished any details on Bela’s participation in Season 3. She did reveal to Glamour, though, that she’s been so busy working on another movie that she’ll probably have to watch Season 2 of the show in 2023. If I had to guess, I’d say that Bela will definitely be involved in some way or another. After all, she hasn’t let her three best friends know that she’s looking to transfer to another school, so we have to at least see that conversation go down… right?

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