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Baylor University Fires Football Coach and Demotes President in Same Day

Baylor University has had a long day. And the worst part is, the day’s not even over yet.

On Thursday, the university laid off head football coach Art Briles. Briles, who was hired in 2008, saw the team claim conference titles in 2013 and 2014 while playing in the Big 12. However, under Briles’s leadership the players have been accused of sexual assault.

But wait, there’s more. Ken Starr, the university president, has been removed from the presidency and will be made chancellor instead.

All of this change comes amidst the release of a report regarding sexual assault done by law firm Pepper Hamilton, which Baylor hired. What the firm found is disheartening, to say the least. According to Pepper Hamilton’s report, they found the university has “failed to take appropriate action to respond to reports of sexual assault and dating violence reportedly committed by football players.” It then goes on to say that the administration, including coach Briles, made decisions that compromised student’s safety on campus, USA Today reports.

Shockingly, it gets worse. The report discovered that the university’s administration not only discouraged students from reporting their assaults, but even went so far as to take action against a student who did, according to The New York Times

This is truly sickening behavior, especially when we remember that we entrust the schools we choose to do the very most to keep us safe on their campus. Baylor has some serious making up to do. 

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