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The Bachelor’s Corinne Defends Her Topless, Interrupting Behavior on *That* Group Date

If you watched last night’s episode of The Bachelor, you probably have thoughts on Corinne. Not only did she take her top off in a pool photo shoot with Nick, but she also took interrupting the other girls’ conversations with the Bachelor to a whole new level. Corinne has clearly placed a target on her back, and it’s already having consequences off-camera.

Taking on the haters who flocked to social media to give the bachelorette a piece of their mind, the nanny-loving contestant clapped back at those who didn’t approve of her behavior.

Posing with a donut pillow, Corinne captioned her Instagram post, “Haters, I [do not] care. I was confident and I was me. Yes I seemed a bit aggressive in last night’s episode but I’ve been through a lot in my life and I did not want any time wasted.” 

She continued, “It takes guts to be in that situation and you will see the inner me unravel quite soon. If I bother you that much please just don’t look at my social media and keep the mean comments to yourself. I’m only human. Xoxo.”

No matter what your opinion of Corinne is, she certainly doesn’t deserved to be slut-shamed for taking off her clothes. While it was a bold move, it was Corinne’s choice to make, and it is not America’s place to comment on it.

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