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‘The Bachelor’s Bekah M. Says Arie’s Break-Up Was ‘A Game to Him’

While Becca Kufrin has impressed Bachelor viewers with her perfect balance of consideration and class that every new Bachelorette should have, her fellow Bachelor contestant Bekah Martinez has taken a more savage approach to laying out Bachelor Arie Luyendyk’s flaws. After publicly sharing Arie’s DMs to her on social media, Bekah M. has continued to break down how Arie mishandled his sudden, on-camera break-up with Final Rose pick Becca K.

Being the same age as Bekah, I was a little skeptical about her all season, but her post-show clapbacks at Arie have solidified me as her fan. Shortly after posting screenshots of Arie’s cringe-worthy messages to her, Bekah spilled even more tea in a Vulture interview alongside contestant Kendall Long. In response to the news that Arie filmed his break-up with Becca so she could snag the Bachelorette gig, Bekah said, “This is just his personality type. He doesn’t analyze future situations deeply enough to have that thought when he was going into breaking up with her. I highly doubt he was like, ‘Oh, if I do this on camera America will sympathize with her and she’ll be the next Bachelorette!'”

While she clarified that she didn’t mind the unedited airing of the couple’s break-up, Bekah, as well as Kendall, pointed out that Arie had been talking to Lauren through DMs for weeks beforehand. Bekah also revealed that, before the uncut footage aired, she was initially siding with Arie in the break-up debacle. It took seeing Arie staying near Becca even after she repeatedly asked him to go for Bekah to change her mind. 

“The choices he made were inexcusable,” the now 23-year-old said. “I know those type of men who stand there after a break-up and are like, ‘Wait baby, but are you okay? Give me assurance this is fine! Make me feel better about myself!’…That’s what Arie was doing. It was a game to him… He asked her so many times if she wanted him to leave, and he kept hanging out… When he had doubts enough to contact Lauren and talk about a potential relationship, before that occurred he should’ve broken up with Becca. If you want to be with somebody else and you’re willing to reach out and ask them to be with you, you have to break up with your partner first. He did not. He talked to Lauren for weeks and made sure she was on board with getting back with him. It wasn’t until then he felt comfortable to break up with Becca, which is so wildly inappropriate to me.”

Girl, preach

The entire conversation with the two women is pretty juicy for Bachelor fans. In addition to hinting that Arie had reached out to other women from the show in DMs, Bekah and Kendall shared that they’ll “probably” be on Bachelor in Paradise this summer. 

Given how open Bekah is about her less than savory feelings on Arie, I can’t wait for her to break down the intentions of every man on Paradise. Have a cocktail on me at the beach, Bekah!

Kristen Perrone is a Siena College Class of 2018 alumna. She studied English during her time at Siena.