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Reddit Thinks This Contestant Wins Zach’s Episode Of ‘The Bachelor’

Spoiler warning: Possible spoilers for Season 27 of The Bachelor follow. I have a complicated relationship with The Bachelor: I lived my entire life as a Bachelor Nation hater. But, once I watched Hannah B.’s season (one of the best, IMHO), I found myself spiraling into the Bachelor Nation world of IG accounts, Reddit forums, and — of course — Reality Steve. While I have, admittedly, fallen off of the Bachelor franchise bandwagon, I couldn’t help but take a peek at some of Season 27’s most recent tea. The biggest spill? The winner, OFC.

Before I get into the most recent developments, let’s rewind. On Feb. 6, blogger and content creator Reality Steve posted an Instagram carousel outlining the final episodes of Season 27, including who the Bachelor, Zach Shallcross, ultimately proposes to. According to Steve, Shallcross’ final three includes Gabi Elnicki, Ariel Frenkel, and Kaity Biggar — with Kaity being the winner. However, it’s worth noting that these “spoilers” are alleged: Reality Steve has definitely made some faulty predictions in the past, so it’s best to take things like this with a grain of salt. Additionally, many fans of the franchise were unsure about Reality Steve’s predicted outcome, with one user writing, “I think it’s Gabi but we’ll see.”

However, on March 1, Reddit started to fuel the fire when photos of Shallcross and Biggar’s alleged proposal at the final rose ceremony were posted to a Bachelor Nation forum. Now, the pics are super blurry, but the person in the photos is a blonde — so it’s easy to assume that it’s Biggar.

Furthermore, Reality Steve took to his blog to confirm the photos, backing up the theory that Biggar and Shallcross end this season with an engagement. “And not to mention for 2 months, I had to hear from trolls who chose to believe someone who’d never spoiled the show’s ending before versus someone who’s been doing it for 14 years,” Reality Steve wrote. “So naturally, it ALWAYS feels good when trolls have to eat their words.”

But for Bachelor stans, this isn’t exactly shocking. Biggar has been a front-runner for quite some time, and fans are often shipping the two on social media.

It’s safe to say, for some fans, this alleged ending is pretty obvious.

We won’t know exactly what happens until the finale, though, which airs on March 27. Until then, keep up with the spoilers (or don’t!) and get ready to settle into your couch with a ‘lil bevvy to see if these predictions play out in real-time.

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