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‘The Bachelorette:’ Chasen Keeps Calling Tayshia a “Smoke Show,” & I’m Really Over it

This week's episode of The Bachelorette gave us a lot of new jokes within the community. It also gave us one of the most controversial and divided statements yet, courtesy of Chasen, who's well on his way to the title of our Bachelorette villain this season; especially since he’s giving me major Luke P. vibes. I was utterly shocked when Tayshia chose to save both Ed and Chasen, since both of them have major drama with each other. It isn't clear what the problem is between the two of them, so it's safe to say this is "the right reasons" drama. (And TBH, I'm just grateful that this drama has brought "shmedium" into existence.)

Between his drama with Ed, taking off his shirt and calling himself “the meal” during a group date, criticizing Bennett winning the “Grown A** Man” award in the same group date and worst of all, calling Tayshia a smoke show behind her back, Chasen just doesn't sit right with me. He's my least favorite of the men, and at least some of Bachelor Nation can agree with me. 

While Chasen doesn't sit well with me on the whole, I'm especially annoyed with the fact that keeps calling Tayshia a smoke show.

He never says it to her face

One of the most important things I’ve noticed whenever Chasen calls Tayshia a smoke show is that he never calls it to her face. He only calls her a smoke show in front of the men, and it really makes the men mad whenever he says it. This only proves the fact that "smoke show" is a term used for "locker room talk" by guys who don’t know how to respect a woman. If you really believe your woman is a “smoke show,” call it to her face and see how she reacts. It’ll most likely be a negative reaction.

He just met Tayshia

It’s probably been a day or two since Tayshia first came to the house, and here we have Chasen calling Tayshia a smoke show. Not beautiful, or any other endearing term you’d probably want to hear a guy say after first meeting you. I want you to think for a second how you would feel if a guy you were dating had a first impression of you as a smoke show. I know if a guy called me that the first time I met him, I’d roll my eyes and leave.

Smoke show doesn’t sound attractive at all

Smoke show makes me think of smoke rising. It doesn't sound attractive, and I'd much rather be called anything else besides that. I know some women wouldn’t mind being called a smoke show, since they think it's the same as being called "hot," but to me, it seems like a weird thing to call a woman. Hearing it on The Bachelorette last night left me with an extremely uncomfortable feeling every time.

Overall, whether you think "smoke show" is a compliment or not is totally up to you. What’s not okay is calling Tayshia a smoke show behind her back and in front of her other suitors. While I may not be okay with Chasen, I want to know what you think of him. Do you think Chasen is being perceived in a bad light, or do you think he’s not here “for the right reasons?” Tell me what you think on Twitter @HappyLilNerd, and don’t forget to watch The Bachelorette on Tuesday’s 8/7 CT!

Nicole Wojnicki is an alumni of LIU Post and has studied Broadcasting Journalism. Nicole drinks Starbucks, tweets about reality TV, spends time with her two cats Shishka and Bob, works out and writes about her interests and life.
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