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‘The Bachelor’ Producer On Arie’s Finale: Even If You Are Reading Spoilers & Think You Know The Ending, You Don’t

If you’ve been bored or unsatisfied with Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season of The Bachelor, you’re certainly in for a surprise when it comes to the upcoming finale.  

“I’ve worked on the show for 10 years. The finale will be something people haven’t seen before,” said Bachelor producer Bennett Graebner in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter

Perhaps you’ve already read all of Reality Steve’s spoilers and think you know what’s going to happen. But according to Graebner, the spoilers could be wrong.

“And even if they are reading spoilers and think they know? They don’t know,” the producer said. 

Graebner isn’t the first to talk about how dramatic the season’s ending will be. Chris Harrison previously promised a “phenomenal finish.”

“If you are a critic of Arie’s season, I would tell you to wait,” Harrison said. “Just wait. And prepare to have your mind blown.”

What could they possibly be talking about?!

There hasn’t been a date announced for the finale yet, but the Women Tell-All special is airing Sunday, February 25, and the overnight date episode airs the following Monday. 

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