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Avani Gregg & Anthony Reeves’ Relationship Timeline Has Me In Tears

It’s Turkey Dump season, and nobody is safe — including influencers. TikTok couple, Avani Gregg and Anthony Reeves confirmed their breakup after cheating allegations were made against Reeves. Her Campus reached out to both Reeves’ and Gregg’s teams for comment, but did not hear back by the time of publication. 

Starting off their relationship at the end of 2019, this elite TikTok couple has been one of the longest-standing couples on the app. Though the pair maintained their love mostly in private, most, if not all, of the insights of their relationship have been scooped out of Instagram posts and Tik-Tok clips — and their breakup is no exception. Here’s a look at Gregg’s and Reeves’ relationship from likes to love, and to love to end. 

December 2019: Gregg & Reeves meet.

Gregg first met Reeves on Instagram, according to Interview Magazine. They met about three years ago, when Gregg DMed him to ask him where he typically shops, and it seemed as though their love blossomed from there. So cute.  

January 2020: Gregg & Reeves Are official.

The couple made their relationship public for the first time in January 2020. After months of speculation, Gregg posted a cute collection of pics featuring the two together.  

March 2020: The couple that vacays together stays together. 

In since-deleted photos, the couple started to post stunning pictures together, including shots of them in the Bahamas right before quarantine went into effect. Talk about photoshoot goals. 

January 2022: Gregg & Reeves Ring In the new year.

The relationship was still on as we entered 2022. On NYE, Gregg shared a sweet video of her and Reeves kissing while fireworks went off in the background. A true movie moment.

February 2021: Gregg & Reeves appear in Interview Magazine.

The TikTok duo leveled up to it-couple status by appearing in the March 2021 issue of Interview Magazine together. In the interview, Reeves was asked what the best gift Gregg had ever given to him was. His answer: “Just her time. I’m just so lonely sometimes and just her coming over is enough.”

May 2022: Gregg models for Reeves’ Clothing line.

Since the two were fashion icons on the app, it was no wonder that Reeves launched his own line of merch, titled LuvLand. Reeves and his friend, Jordan Huxold, modeled the line alongside Gregg.

October 2022: Break up speculations Rise.

After a year of cute pictures and heart emojis, breakup speculations arose when Reeves did not appear at Avani’s 20th birthday party, nor did he post about it. Instead, it seems Reeves was partying in Toronto, Canada at a Yung Gravy concert, which made fans rage

November 2022: Reeves Confirms The Breakup. 

Days after Avani’s birthday, Reeves was spotted kissing another girl at a club. While some fans took this as an official split, others called him out for cheating, but Reeves responded to the accusations on Twitter making the breakup public. 

And though Reeves confirmed their breakup, Gregg hasn’t spoken publicly just yet. 

Claudia S. Colon Rosa is the Chapter Leader at the Her Campus at UPR chapter. In addition to overseeing all chapter affairs, she manages the magazine’s editorial and contributes to it as a fellow writer, mainly crafting articles under wellness, life, and entertainment. Beyond Her Campus, Claudia has worked as assistant editor for the English department’s academic journal, Sargasso, where she managed the journal’s printing press and distribution. She has also written for Rebeldia magazine and was part of the Her Campus National Writer program where she published an array of articles. She is currently a senior at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus, majoring in English Literature and pre-medical studies. When she’s not writing an essay or overwhelmed with chemistry formulas, Claudia loves to watch anime and exercise to dance parties on YouTube. She gets the best of both worlds and she wouldn’t want to have it any other way.