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Ashley Benson Was Asked About Those Cara Delevingne Dating Rumors & Her Response Is Totally Valid

Supermodel Cara Delevingne and Pretty Little Liars alum Ashley Benson have been the latest celebrities to spark dating rumors, after they were seen showing some PDA at Heathrow Airport in London. But if you’re hoping to hear an official confirmation, you likely won’t be getting it any time soon.

Benson appeared on PEOPLE Now, where she was asked about relationships and went on to make a thoughtful statement about living in the public eye.

"I just kinda try to keep myself as private as possible,” she said. "That’s one good thing about living in New York—I can live kind of a normal lifestyle...in L.A., the paparazzi are really bad, but here I can kind of just walk anywhere and not be bothered."

Though Benson was seen wearing a “C” necklace, perhaps an adorable tribute to Delevingne, it looks like she wants to keep her relationships to herself—and that’s totally valid. As Teen Vogue points out, there is zero obligation for celebrities to respond to dating rumors—that’s their business, and they only need to share what they want to. Whether or not Benson and Delevingne have officially put a label on anything, they’ll let us know if or when they want to. Privacy is already hard enough to come by when you’re a celebrity, so Benson is definitely entitled to keep this part of her life to herself. We know we’ll be happy for them either way, and we want the best for both of them.

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