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Anthony Scaramucci’s Media Company’s Creepy & Insensitive Holocaust Poll, Explained

Anthony Scaramucci, the former White House Communications Director (for all of two seconds 11 days), tweeted an insensitive poll about the Holocaust. By insensitive, we mean majorly anti-Semitic.

For anyone who might not follow @ScaramucciPost, the poll he posted on Twitter asked “How many Jews were killed in the Holocaust?” Though it might seem like a harmless question out a third-grader’s history textbook, that isn’t the case.

Scaramucci’s Twitter page is notorious for curating controversial and opinionated polls, which makes it seem like this Twitter poll was actually questioning the severity of the Holocaust itself.

The Washington Post explains that the poll, which was deleted 90 minutes after it was posted, also requested comments about an Anne Frank Halloween costume. It should go without saying how heartless that is, seeing as Anne Frank was a real person who died during the Holocaust and anything regarding the Holocaust should never be used as a costume (like, duh.) 

However, @ScaramucciPost has since called anyone who found his offensive poll offensive a “mob.” Despite insulting people by initially posting a Holocaust-denier-baiting poll and insulting those who find that anti-Semitic poll offensive, Scaramucci and company have since reinstated the poll (by claiming that they’re trying to educate others).

Newsweek explains that Scaramucci decided to resubmit the poll, because the severity of the Holocaust is somehow becoming desensitized in society.

One of the admins of the account even said, “Please read all of the tweets today. This is @lancelaifer tweeting and I’m Jewish.”  As though having a single admin who is Jewish means their overall message can’t be offensive. (Not how that works.) 

Regardless, it’s a bit infuriating that “the Mooch” and his cohorts are attempting to play the victims, implying that anyone who doesn’t agree with the poll is actually an anti-Semite. While Scaramucci and his team might actually have good intentions with their polls and attempts to encourage bipartisan dialogues, they might want to leave Holocaust education to qualified organizations like the Auschwitz Memorial and Museum

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