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Here’s Why Twitter Thinks That Anderson .Paak & Suga Are Dropping New Music Together

The crossover K-Pop stans still aren’t over, and for good reason. A collaboration between Silk Sonic’s Anderson.Paak and BTS may be on its way and fans are unwell. After .Paak and BTS’ RM collaborated on the song ‘Still Life,” fans have been itching for new music from .Paak and the members of BTS. Now, Paak and BTS’s Suga seem to be cooking up new music, and ARMYs want to get to the bottom of it.   

However, .Paak and BTS actually go way back. Since .Paak attended BTS’s 2021 Permission To Dance On Stage concert in Los Angeles, his relationship with the band has only grown. .Paak and his family, especially his son, are major ARMYs, and have established a meaningful friendship with the band — especially with Suga. Before the L.A concert, .Paak and Suga were seen together at the Intercrew Restaurant in Koreatown. And, in celebration of their album and the band’s ninth anniversary in 2022, BTS performed “Yet to Come” as .Paak tagged in on the drums. 

But it appears that .Paak and BTS’s collaborations are far from done. Upon Disney+’s recent documentary trailer release, SUGA: Road To D-Day, Twitter discovered a clip of what seems to be Suga and .Paak in a studio — and fans are freaking out all over again.

Eagle-eyed fans were quick to find a snippet of .Paak and Suga in a the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment during the trailer. And while stan Twitter is super excited for a (hopeful) collab between the two, the snippet may be hinting at more solo music from Suga, as the band is mainly focusing on their solo careers. And since Suga’s tour starts in April, fans are hopeful the rapper will drop a solo album. Like, soon.

Naturally, BTS stan Twitter is freaking TF out about all of it.

Some are trying to process the news, but are too stunned to speak.

Some are even feeling psychic.

All this to say, fans are excited. And I am too. Guys, drop the track!

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