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Amandla Stenberg Refuses to Label Her Sexuality

We’re loving that 2016 is continuing to give us great messages from amazing female feminist celebrities. Young women in Hollywood—like Zendaya, Willow Smith, Rowan Blanchard and now Amandla Stenberg—have spoken out about important issues of today like women’s rights, equality and sexuality. Amandla, who we still sometimes think of as sweet Rue in The Hunger Games, is speaking about these heavy issues at 17 and totally killing it!

Amandla has been leading what we’d like to think of as an up-and-coming activist movement in young Hollywood. She made a video on cultural appropriation that went viral last spring and announced that she’s working on a comic book starring a black heroine. 

Most recently, however, the progressive teen came out at bisexual on Twitter, but is reminding us all that, although she made the statement, she doesn’t want to be restricted by a label. 

“I’m still kind of wary about specifically labeling myself. I don’t really see sexuality in boxes…I see myself on a scale,” Amandla stated at the Sundance Film Festival this past week. (She was there to promote her upcoming film, As You Are—this girl is on fire!) However, she realizes that she can’t help what people think, especially since she posted her news on social media. 

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Unfortunately, with an announcement as powerful and insightful as Amandla’s comes some ignorant backlash. People believe that Amandla is too young to speak about such topics, the same reason that Rowan Blanchard received hate for coming out as queer on Twitter earlier this month. It’s all part of the fame, but these girls handled it with grace. “I feel like there’s no such thing as being too young to know how you identify,” Amandla said about the issue.

Yet another powerful piece of wisdom from Amandla—who has gained a role in pop culture as an educator on topics like appropriation, black hairstyles and equality in the arts. We anticipate a lot more from Amandla and the rest of these intelligent young women.

What do you think about the issues Amandla has raised, collegiettes? 

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