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Alphabet Hunt Run!

Hello, Fitness Friends!

Yesterday was officially the start of Week 3 of my new fitness plan! Ahh! How did those first 2 weeks go by so quickly?!

As an update, yes, my legs are still a little bit sore from the Core Conditioning class I did last THURSDAY (yep, still sore!), but I am definitely noticing a difference in the way I feel when I'm working out. I've started to not get tired as easily (yay, stamina!), not get bored as easily, and my body is just feeling stronger in general! So clearly, thanks to New Balance Fitness Expert Holly Perkins, my new fitness plan is working!

Yesterday (Monday) I went on a run around the Boston Common and Boston Public Garden. Now, as always, I didn't want to go on a regular ol' run - so I made a scavenger hunt out of it, once again!

This time I made it an Alphabet Hunt!

What does that mean? Well, as I was running, I searched for things that started with each letter of the alphabet. So, without further adieu, here's what I found!

A - Actors (being tour guides, dressed up as people from the olden days!)

[bf_image id="q7knv9-6t8ok8-50btl1"]

B - Bikes
C - Carousel!

[bf_image id="q7knv9-er13a0-1mckhl"]

D - Dogs
E - Emergency phones

[bf_image id="q7knva-7blv14-850y1l"]

F - Fountain
G - Geese

[bf_image id="q7knva-exyzf4-fvez1z"]

H - Horse

[bf_image id="q7knvb-5zdblk-3j6z6z"]

... and the Haffenreffer Walk!

[bf_image id="q7knvb-ecmbco-rdw5u"]

I - I don't even know what this statue is supposed to be of...!

[bf_image id="q7knvc-631tns-dv9wsf"]

J - Justin Bieber (my chosen Pandora station of the day, of course! Baby baby baby oohhhh!)
K - Knots (in a tree:)

[bf_image id="q7knvc-es61tc-7sqxs6"]

L - Leaves

[bf_image id="q7knvd-6bfzqw-8i1krr"]

M - Me! But surprisingly, I didn't take any pictures of myself on today's run...! haha. I was too focused on the other letters of the alphabet!
N - No Trespassing!

[bf_image id="q7knvd-dxkfmw-fl38t6"]

O - Outside - it's so nice to get fresh air!
P - Pumpkins! Yay, it's almost Halloween!

[bf_image id="q7knve-531nmg-eqlu6u"]

Q - Questions: how far will I run? How long will it take me to find all the letters of the alphabet? How cold will it be outside today? - I had a lot of questions inside my head while I was running!
R - RunKeeper! (see more info below the alphabet!)
S - State House
T - Tourists - (see "A" for Actors)
U - Umbrellas - no one needed them here in Boston today! Maybe tomorrow though...!
W - White tree trunk

[bf_image id="q7knve-d7l540-cbqhzh"]

X - Xylophone! Just kidding, I didn't actually see a xylophone on my run... but I couldn't find anything that started with an X!
Y - Yellow leaves

[bf_image id="q7knvf-4piysg-bfxnmk"]

Z - Zest for life! Honestly - I saw so many happy people walking around Boston, enjoying the not-so-cold weather today!

So about RunKeeper... RunKeeper is a really cool mobile application that I just found and downloaded on my phone the other day. There's a free version of it, and if you turn it on at the beginning of your run (even if you're just running on the elliptical!), it measures how far you run, tells you your average time per mile, and even tells you how many calories you burn! It also gives you little bonuses if you beat your longest length, your shortest mile time, or anything like that. So it turns your run into a game, where you try to beat yourself every time! I think of it like FourSquare... for working out!

Now you know your ABCs... next time won't you run with me!

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Cassidy Quinn Brettler graduated from Emerson College in May. She's from Seattle, WA. As a major in Broadcast Journalism and Acting, Cassidy has done all kinds of things, including interning at NBC News in Los Angeles, anchoring and producing campus news shows, and even covering the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games! She was also the Merchandising Chair and PR/Social Media Chair of Alpha Epsilon Phi Beta Alpha Chapter, and is a huge fan of all sports. She's also a social media nerd, so if you can't find her outside jumping in puddles (like a true Seattle girl!), you can find her Tweeting from all over Boston. Since graduation, Cassidy's been searching for jobs, involving reporting, video blogging, and Tweeting - maybe even all at the same time...!
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