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“AH-AH-COUTURE!!!” — “Bless you…”

So, I’ve been sick… REALLY sick. So sick that Franklin turned his cab around when he was on his way to the airport to stay here a few more days to take care of me…

Yup… I’ve had the flu. THE FLU! For days I’ve had it and couldn’t go to the doctor because first, it was the weekend, and then it was President’s day… So I was DYING when I went to the doctor on Tuesday and found out that the flu was turning into bronchitis… so yeah.

I had a TON of time to sit around in bed and… SHOP ONLINE!! (of course!) When Franklin would watch the TV Movies on FX or The Golf Channel… I was in a world surrounded by JUICY!! (It definitely made me feel better!)

Since I’m guessing the SNOWMAGEDDON, and the cold in general, is the reason I got sick in the first place, I found some solace in dreaming about my future spring break in West Palm Beach, Florida (18 days away BABY!!)

Here are some of the things I loved!

I love love LOVE these Juicy one piece swimsuits!!! One pieces are classic and sexy!!! (They’re especially good for girls who have a hard time tanning, like me!!)

I’m definitely buying this one!!! The Juicy Candy Bar Coverup!!! It’s chic AND unique!! How many of these do you usually see on the beach?! THAT’S why I’ve GOT to get it!! (Mom, are you reading this?!)

AND FINALLY, I always love the short little Terry dresses!! They’re great coverups, or easy to throw on for a day in the sun like… DIADELOSO?! BAYLOR GIRLS–It’s NEVER too early to plan for the most fun day of the year!! (I’ll explain Dia to all you other girls in another blog!)

Also this Juicy shopping while sick had me sneezing couture… But it worked… I’m feeling better and Franklin leaves tomorrow, so we’re going to make the most of our last day together!

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Chandler is a senior at Baylor University where she is a Communication Specialist major with a double major in Spanish. A Texan through and through, Chandler was born and raised in the capital of Texas, Austin. At Baylor, Chandler is a part of Baylor Ambassadors, a lobbying team for more government-sponsored, monetary grants for private universities. She is also a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma where she served as the recruitment chair. Chandler has spent the past year working as an intern at KWTX Channel 10 News, where she is trying to make her start as a reporter/anchor. She will be spending the next semester in New York, where she'll be interning at CBS's The Early Show. She is so excited about this awesome opportunity through Juicy Couture and Her Campus. Chandler LOVES Juicy because it completely fits her personality, outgoing, fun and unique, but classy. On top of loving Juicy, she enjoys playing her guitar, singing, talking and reading in Spanish. She also loves chocolate, the smell of roses, little kids, politics and hanging out with her friends and family.
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