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After Primaries in Several States, Sanders & Trump Have a Good Night

After last night, the presidential party nominees are still anything but secure, The New York Times reports. Hillary Clinton continues to lead Democrats overall. But she’s still being closely followed by Bernie Sanders, who, after winning Michigan last night, is a definite threat to her potential victory. As for Republicans, Donald Trump is still in the lead by quite a bit, continuing to freak out more mainstream Republicans.

Trump won Hawaii, Michigan and Mississippi. This unexpected victory of Trump’s has caused people in power, who are against him, to produce commercials and advertisements speaking negatively about him. However, this hasn’t seemed to make his following waiver when it comes to voting in the primaries.

The race to see which Democrat candidate will win the primaries is far from over, as Bernie Sanders, and his followers, will not give up yet. His close victory in Michigan definitely saved him and is keeping him in close competition with Clinton, though he’s still struggled to make his message work for African American voters—He won Michigan on the strength of independents and white liberal Democrats, but Clinton still won 65 percent of black voters in the state. Clinton also won Mississippi last night with almost 90 percent of the black vote.

We can’t forget about the other candidates following behind in the race, however. Unfortunately, one of the people following the furthest behind after last night is Marco Rubio, whose campaign might be a lost cause if he can’t win over his home state of Florida next week. John Kasich, however, has been winning over Republicans in college towns, while Cruz coveres the conservative Republicans in suburbia. The two might be doing their party a disservice by splitting up the Republican voters who aren’t going for Trump.

So, who do you think should step up their game before it’s too late? Let us know!

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