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Adventures in My First Car

After getting my license, the next thing I wanted (obviously) was a car. After the longest two months of my life, my dad finally handed over the keys to my moms old car. I could not have been happier.
Above, I have a video of my favorite first-car story, heading down to Sandy Hook, NJ for my first beach road trip with my friends the first summer I had my license. But in the months before the summer (when I was itching to head down to the beach in my own car) I had other adventures. Namely, my first time seriously getting lost.
Two of my friends and I decided to go down to Six Flags in April, very shortly after I got my car. Both my friends had their licenses too, but somehow I got stuck driving. Looking back, I probably asked to drive so I could control the music, but it ended up being a rough experience.
Pre-license, I never thought about highways as north, south, east or west. I just took knew which way was towards the mall and which way was towards my school. I pride myself on having a good sense of direction, but that clearly didn’t translate into knowing the difference between north and south on the highway.
So after a long, long day at Six Flags, I certainly couldn’t figure it out — especially when I was driving 60 MPH and had to make a game call decision on which route to take.
Obviously I took the wrong highway.
My two friends and I ended up in Camden, NJ, which I learned that day is pretty much the crime capital of New Jersey. Lucky, lucky me. It was pitch black outside and we were petrified. All we had wanted to do was get home in one piece. Suddenly that felt doubtful.
I was not about to admit to my mom, who was reluctant to let me drive to Six Flags in the first place, that I was lost. Nor were either of my friends. Luckily one of my friends was able to call her aunt, who after about five solid minutes at laughing at our stupidity led us home.
We drove home in the dark, laughing about getting lost (after the fear went away) and our day at the theme park. I was so happy (after we were clearly on the right way home) to have gotten the chance to go on this adventure with my friends in my first car.

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