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9 Times Corinne Was Actually Relatable on This Week’s ‘Bachelor’

Corinne is without a doubt one of the most bizarre Bachelor contestants ever. But this week she somehow became relatable AF.

1. She sleeps through all major (Bachelor) life events

Not only does Corinne love to sleep, but she’s napped through some of the most important moments of the season—rose ceremonies, group dates, you name it. Now that’s a girl after my own heart.

2. Corinne would rather eat a spa taco than do “farm chores”

Literally ALL of us.

3. She’s deathly afraid of poop

You can’t blame her for wanting to steer clear of the cow poop-scooping portion of the date.

4. Corinne eats all the appetizers before anyone else can even grab one

Pizza rolls, chicken nuggets or mini hot dogs—I still have no idea what Corinne was eating at that cocktail party. I just know that she was eating all of them, and that is so me.

5. Majestic hair flip FTW

You wish your hair flip was this flawless.

6. This move

7. Scheming hair twirl

I’m telling you, 90 percent of Corinne’s evil genius comes from her hair.

8. This face

9. And this face

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