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9 Times Chad From ‘The Bachelorette’ Was the Absolute WORST

If you watched last night’s episode of The Bachelorette, you know it wasn’t very exciting. There were some cute dates, some romantic one-liners, and of course, there was Chad. Oh, Chad. It’s only the second episode, and he is already the villain of the season. Sorry, but we don’t think you will find very many people rooting for him to win. Here are nine of the many times during last’s nights episode that Chad was literally just the worst. Ever. 

1. When Chad worked out with a suitcase around his waist

The real question is: Was it packed because he knows he needs to leave? 

2. When he tried to make the protein shake reference work

Nope. Just nope. 

3. All three times he interrupted and stole time with JoJo from the other guys

Come on, Chad. Haven’t you heard that old saying, “distance makes the heart grow fonder”?

4. When he compared himself and all the other men to cars that JoJo is trying to buy

Personally, we think JoJo is more of a Benz type, and Chad is just not a Benz. More like a minivan.

5. Just the whole, you know, threatening violence thing

Use your words, Chad. 

6. When he didn’t understand when to be empathetic and just not talk

Like every single second he was on camera.

7. This whole comment chain where he just dug himself into a deeper hole

Dude, you are trying to win her heart, not show her how no one likes you and why they don’t. 


Insults will get you nowhere. Although JoJo appreciated his honesty… 

9. And is he eating during the rose ceremony?  

Chad, there is nothing cool about being the villain. Just ask Nick Viall. 

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