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9 Reasons Ben Should Pick JoJo on ‘The Bachelor’

Leading up to Monday’s Bachelor finale, we’re extremely conflicted. That’s why we’re making pro lists (no cons because we’re sweet like that!) for each of Ben’s remaining ladies. Below you’ll find nine reasons JoJo is Ben’s Mrs. Right.

1. She’s already Mrs. Higgins

That jersey—the jersey that had every woman in America frantically searching for one of her own. He dubbed her Mrs. Higgins back in Chicago, and that’s who she shall be.

2. Ben feels like himself around her

Ben is always saying that he feels like himself around JoJo. And what more could he ask for?

3. They’re both survivors

Remember when that helicopter “breeze” sent a cocktail table flying toward Ben and JoJo? Did they scream and run away? No, they did not. They stuck around and bravely fought off that scoundrel together.

4. She’s hilarious

JoJo has been a treat all season, but her Women Tell All bloopers proved just how charming she really is. Ben would be lucky to have such a ray of sunshine in his life.

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5. Chad made their relationship stronger

When JoJo’s ex-boyfriend—with pretty obvious aid from producers—sent her a love note and a bouquet of red roses, Ben didn’t overreact. They worked through it together and came out the other side a much stronger pair. Haha, producers thwarted!

6. She probably drinks from the bottle, too

Mama JoJo drinks it straight from the bottle, and JoJo probably does too. Talk about a keeper!

7. Her brothers will kill him

JoJo’s brothers are prepared to murder Ben should the results not turn out the way they’d like. So it seems he’s in this thing whether he likes it or not.

8. He told her he’s in love with her

Granted, he dropped the L-bomb on both JoJo and Lauren B., making this more of an awkward pickle that will only end well for one girl. But, hey, if he means it, then he should choose her, right?

9. Lauren B. would make an amazing Bachelorette

We LOVE Lauren B. We already have stars in our eyes for the moment when she could possibly be named the next Bachelorette. If Ben picks JoJo, she’s got to be a lock, don’t you think?

Are you Team JoJo or Team Lauren B., collegiettes?

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