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9 ‘Bachelor’ Moments More Cringeworthy Than Olivia’s Striptease

If you tuned in to The Bachelor this week, the moment you can’t stop talking about is likely Olivia’s awkward talent show dance routine. We can’t be the only ones who were suffering from secondhand embarrassment.

But while Olivia’s spectacle will definitely go down in Bachelor history, there were other moments in last night’s episode that were even more cringeworthy.

1. JoJo nearly dies by way of flying cocktail table

Helicopters are dreamy and all but not when they’re causing cocktail tables to fly haphazardly across a rooftop. Thankfully, JoJo was able to keep her wits about her, asking how her hair looked and subsequently making out with Ben behind the cocktail table in question.

2. Lauren H. kisses puppet, then kisses Ben

First of all, the fact that you even kissed a puppet—open mouth, might we add—in the first place is strange. But you followed it up by kissing Ben. This appalling moment brought to you by the woman who asked if she had to wear nipple tassels in the talent show.

3. Caila transforms into the “sex panther”

We thought we had that sweet princess Caila all figured out, but she was coming on strong with some steamy lip action last night. Thus, Ben coined the term “sex panther.” We’re not quite sure of the definition, but we’re guessing it’s close to: woman attempting to kiss her way out of the friend zone.

4. Becca wears the most hideous—yet most Vegas—wedding dress ever

Poor, Becca. She’s had nothing but boho chic style since we met her on Chris Soules’s season. So did she really deserve that lump of an off-the-rack wedding dress—even if she only had to wear it for a hot second?

5. Ben officiates a series of weddings for total randos in Vegas

Are we even the least bit sure that Ben was ordained to marry those unsuspecting couples? Or did Chris Harrison have to step in for legit quickie ceremonies once the cameras stopped rolling?

6. Ben makes Becca describe her virginity in detail

We must point out how positively uncomfortable Ben acts on one-on-one dates—at least during the “let’s stare at this plate of food but never eat it” portion of the evening. It’s like a police interrogation. But Detective Ben took the third degree to the next level when quizzing Becca about her virginity. Question after question kept coming, and how was she supposed to react? Dial it back, buddy.

7. Ben is forced to choose between the twins

Usually, we would argue to the death that a moment like this was producer-orchestrated. But somehow Ben’s decision to ditch one of the twins seemed very in character. Since he didn’t have the time or interest to get to know them better, he consulted the woman who knows them best when making his decision: yep, their mother! We’re not sure what was harder to watch: mom picking her favorite daughter or Ben finally deciding between Mary Kate and Ashley.

8. Olivia tells Ben she’s falling for him

Week four—it’s obviously the right time to bring those words out into the open. But her declaration wasn’t even the best part. Just the fact that Olivia thinks Ben reciprocated her feelings is enough to prove she’s officially off her rocker. Next week, we fully expect her to gift Ben with a memory jar, scrapbook or other memento documenting their relationship.

9. Amber cries on a pool lounger after being rejected—again!

Third time was so not the charm for Amber, but who thought it would be? So as not to humiliate herself any further, she curled up in a ball on a pool lounger just outside the rose ceremony to properly lament her existence. 

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