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8 Things We Miss From the 90’s


1. Jelly Shoes
How can you not love shoes that come in practically every color? These plastic wonders were the talk of the 90’s and we wish we could still rock the glitter-infused plastic pumps!

2. Fruit Stripe Gum
Not only did we love the flavor of this gum, but how awesome was it that they included tattoos? Let’s face it: That’s the main reason we all bought the gum anyway. Gum in this decade isn’t nearly as fun as it was in the 90’s.

3. Dunkaroos
Dunkaroos included cookies and icing: What more could we ask for? Not only was the snack delicious, but also a special thrill came from dunking the cookies in the icing. A special snack calls for a special tribute: We miss you Dunkaroos!

4. Walkman Players
Sure, iPods are great, but how much did you love decorating your Walkman with stickers? Plus, there was something special about watching your CD spin around in the portable music player.

5. Beanie Babies
Not only were Beanie Babies super fun to collect, but they were cute, too! From purple platypus animals to tie-dye bears, these little guys were too fun and too cute to resist.

6. Where’s Waldo
Forget iPhone apps: Where’s Waldo kept the kids of the 90’s entertained for hours. We totally miss passing time with these fun books.

7. Hit Clips
This fun toy was first promoted by McDonalds, Disney Radio, and Lunchable. They were super fun because they gave us an entirely new way to listen to music. Did anyone else have the Hanson Brothers Hit Clip?

8. Slime Time Live
Even though this show only lasted for eight seasons, we loved watching people get slimed on camera! Plus, the show holds the Guinness World record for the most people pied in three minutes!

What do you miss from the 90’s? Comment below!

Alexis is an editorial intern for Her Campus. She is a sophomore at Indiana University, majoring in journalism and minoring in fine arts. She works for the Indiana Daily Student, and she founded a She's the First chapter at her school. She is a fan of all things studded and loves to paint and run around with her camera in her free time. You can also find Alexis curled up on her couch with her favorite magazines in hand during her spare time.
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